Thursday, May 29, 2014

May Monthly Haul Part 2

Hey Beauties,

So this is the second part of my monthly haul that i promised last week, but I've been waiting for stuff to come in the mail! If you haven't read part 1 of my haul you can read it here which i wrote while i waited for what i personally think is the more exciting part of my monthly haul as it also involves skincare which i totally forgot i brought this month until i began writing this post haha 
I hope you enjoy!


Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, Blendercleanser Solid

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette: So I've already done a different blog post on the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette here, but wow i can't rave about this enough. Its simply amazing and i personally believe every beauty and makeup lover should have this in their collection. So versatile and amazing. You won't regret it

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade: ahhhhhhh finally! this baby is in my possession. I have searched high and low for months on end for this product, seeing as its always sold out and pretty much unattainable. So when beauty bay started selling it, its safe to say i jumped on it within a day of them selling it. I am a sucker for good brow products and Benefit are my holy grail brow products that i will always go to, so I'm excited to try something different. If you would like me to do a separate blog post about my brow routine leave a comment below.

Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser: So this technically isn't makeup but oh well, the name is self explanatory and i must say it does clean my beauty blender fabulously. I heard using normal brush cleaner on beauty blenders ruins them although i really wanna rebel against the beauty rules and try clean it with normal brush cleaner but i thought i probably shouldn't just yet hahah.

Skin/Body Care:

L-R: Organix Keratin Oil shampoo and conditioner, Organix Coconut Oil, Dirty Works Coconut Scrub
Formula 10.06 Pores be Pure Mudmask, Garnier Moisture Match, Nivea Q10 eye cream, Sukin Rosehip Oil

Sukin Rosehip Oil: All my close beauty babes rave about this product, so when i walked into chemist warehouse and saw it on sale for $12AUD i couldn't just walk past it, i thought having combination oily skin it would make my skin more oily, i use 2 drops nightly and it makes my skin look fabulous when i wake up! 

Garnier Moisture Match Mattifying Cream: This was a total spur of the moment purchase because i needed a daily moisturiser that wouldn't make me mega oily. I must say i am loving this product. I put it on when i wakeup and let it soak in while having breakfast and by the time I'm ready to apply makeup my skin is smooth and matte and fabulous. Bargain at $10AUD too!

Formula 10.06 Pores be Pure Mud Mask: So i brought those little samples of this last month from Priceline and ahhhh i loved it so much i went and immediately brought the full sized product. I use it twice weekly and my skin feels so fresh and pure after using it. Im excited to try their other mud mask as well.

Bodyworks Coconut Scrub: I got this when it was on special at Coles and let me say it smells sooooo good, I'm a sucker for coconut so i shower with this, then put coconut oil in my hair then put my coconut moisturiser on. Safe to say i love coconut and this stuff is amazing!

Nivea Q10 Eyecream and Exfloliating Wipes: Ive been needing an eye cream for ages so when coles had 'spend 25 dollars and get a free deep cleansing kit for free' i took on that challenge. I still haven't been able to make judgement on this eye cream but so far so good. The exfoliating wipes are amazing, one side is smooth and the other has little bumps on it, super good for getting make up off after a night out.

Organix Coconut Oil:  This was kind of a want more than a need, i mean my Moroccan Oil is running out soooo i did need it, that being said this is a light weight oil that is great to help prevent breakages which happens a lot with my unloved hair (haven't had a hair cut in two years).

Organix Keratin Oil Anti-Breakage Shampoo and Conditioner: Impulse buy thanks to priceline having 40% off haircare! Although i am glad i brought these, they smell amazing and my hair feels softer. Although i don't use it every night cause i do wash my hair nightly (i can already see the hairdressers cringing) so i alternate. I just can't justify spending 18 dollars on shampoo though.

So thats all my beauties, i hope you enjoyed this post

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Naked 2 Palette; First Impressions!

Hey Beauties!

So this is going to be a short post as this type of blog post has been done to death but mother of god i am so excited the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette is in my possession! Its like the makeup gods came together and produced this palette, I'm a sucker for neutral tones because not only do i wear them daily i also need neutral tones for my dance comps. So of course when my love affair with makeup started again at the beginning of the year i needed this palette in my life ASAP. Thankfully my lovely boyfriend came to the rescue and spoilt me with purchasing it. 

It was purchased off of Bosa Beauty which supposedly has american products at australian prices, although it was cheaper than, shipping then is 20 dollars so it doesn't really make it cheaper. We also received some unpleasant customer service and were misinformed about some things and they failed to notify me until i emailed them myself. Anyway i got it and I'm super happy.

It literally is the most perfect neutral palette I've ever laid eyes on, i mean look at it, it goes from nude matte to black and all the beautiful colours in-between. Ive literally spent the weekend of pinterest searching makeup ideas to do with this palette and i honestly can't wait. 

Okay enough raving about it, the colour payoff is amazing and all the shades are so pigmented apart from the first one which is 'Foxy' although I think thats just how its supposed to be. Honestly if you don't already own at least one of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes i highly recommend getting one, i mean they are pricey 80 AUD i think? But they're so worth it, especially if you're like me and use neutral tones daily. 

Thats all for now beauties,

Love Always,

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Monthly Haul: May Part 1 and Product Review

Hey Beauties,

Im excited cause this is my very first month haul photo! Ive decided that this will be a thing now on my blog that at the end of every month ill be posting what i brought. If i feel like i need to explain an item further ill also do a separate post for it. Ive also decided to split this months haul post's into two parts seeing as i had quite a few lovely ladies ask me to do a blog post on all the stuff i received from canada from one of my lovely friends, so i thought i'd combine the two. The second part will be up next week when I've received everything I've ordered etc. 

So a friend of mine went to Canada a few weeks ago,  anyway i actually won her giveaway a few months ago that how we became friends so of course i asked if she could get me some stuff from Sephora and MAC. Some of the stuff in this haul is actually from the giveaway that i won but half is what i got her to get me. I mainly wanted little kits that had little sized products so i could 'try before i buy' and decide if i wanted to splurge on the full sized product!

Smashbox Try it Kit, Too Faced Beauty Blogger Darlings, Too Faced Sweetheart Blush, Bareminerals Eyeshadow Quad, Mac Lip Prep and Prime, Mac Satin Finish Lipstick, Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural.

Smashbox Try it Kit

L-R, Photo finish Lid Primer, Full Exposure Mascara, Limitless Eyeliner,
 Photo finish Primer, Lip Enhancing Gloss

Ive been lusting after this kit since it first came out and i could never get my hands on it without using a forwarding service! Nether less its now in my possession and I'm a very happy girl! I haven't used all these products just yet so i can't give my opinion fully but i have used the primer once and it made my skin very oily by the end of the day. The mascara is great but I'm not sure i would purchase a full sized product. Im excited to try the Lid Primer and Lip Enhancing Gloss soon as well.

Too Faced Beauty Blogger Darlings:

Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer, Primed & Poreless Primer, Shadow Insurance,
 Better than Sex Mascara

The whole idea of this kit is these are the products beauty bloggers rave about. Ive always wanted to try Primed and Poreless Primer and Shadow Insurance so i thought id get this kit to try them out. Primed and Poreless definitely does not make me pore less if anything it makes my pores look bigger. From face value it looks very similar to Porefessional with the consistency and texture but if anything its nothing like Benefit Porefessional once on the face. Shadow Insurance is amazing although i found it hard to blend eyeshadows once I had put this on because it goes kind of sticky in a way, that being said my eyeshadow didn't budge all day or not. Chocolate Soleil is amazing and i love it! It smells so amazing and is perfect for contouring and last but not least Better than Sex Mascara is amazing, I'm definitely going to be buying the full size once this little one runs out.

Too Faced Sweethearts Blush & BareMinerals Eyeshadow Quad:

Sweethearts blush in 'Candy Glow' and Eyeshadow Quad in 'The Happy Place'

Ahhhh the blush is simply amazing! I mean look at it, its a love heart! It is not only in pretty packaging but its also a pretty colour or colours should i say. The pay off is amazing and it gives you the perfect flushed look, definitely one of my new favourite blushes. Ive also never considered buying BareMinerals before, so when i won this eyeshadow quad in Nicoles giveaway i was glad i could see if BareMinerals is any good. So far its lived up to its expectations, i chose this quad cause i always go for browns and neutral colours so i thought i better step out of my comfort zone. I haven't used this quad full yet although i did do a quick eye with the two top colours when i went out last night, they're all amazing pigmented! I can't wait to try a smokey eye with this quad.

MAC Lip Prep + Primer, Satin Finish Lipstick and Mineralize Skin Finish natural:

Lip Prep+Prime, Satin Finish lipstick in 'Mac Red' and Mineralize Skin Finish natural in 'Light"

The first two on the left were part of my giveaway prize which I'm thankful for otherwise i probably wouldn't of ever tried these products. Im in love with the Lip Prep+Prime, it not only hydrates my lips but keeps my lipstick looking flawless and i also love the Satin Finish lipstick as well, such an amazing colour and ahh i just love it. The MSF is something I've wanted for awhile and even though its in MAC's new packaging which i hate i still do love the product, i use it for setting my concealer and highlighting my under-eye area as well and i love this product, its quickly becoming a holy grail product.

So there you go lovelies there is Part 1 of my monthly haul, which also kind of turned into a review because i know some of these products people are tossing up wether to splurge on them or not, so i hope my thoughts help you decide. 

If there are any products you'd like me to review let me know!

Love always 

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Product Empties #1

Hey Beauties!

Well this is an exciting post for me because its my very first product empties post! Im doing this in conjunction with my 15 days of beauty and fashion on instagram, if you haven't joined in yet jump onto my instagram here and join in on the fun. Anyway i don't have many product empties yet and they're mainly skin products because I have that much makeup its rare when i run out cause i like to switch up what i use daily, i also immediately throw out my empties so i didn't have many when i decided to do this post. I hope you enjoy lovelies.

Face Products

Benefit Its Potent Eye Cream, Nars Sheer Glow sample in 'Gobi', Nars Sheer Matte sample in 'Gobi'
Lucas PawPaw ointment, Models Prefer Perfect Canvas Mattifying Primer.

Benefit Its Potent Eye Cream:

I got this little sample for christmas in the Little Love Potions set Benefit brought out over christmas, i also got another sample in a set of little testers of all their skin care. Anyway i loved this product at first given that i have horrendous dark circles and bags (that are prada)  under my eyes and i thought this eye cream would be my new holy grail product to rid them of those bags. That dream was short lived as i realised that although it did semi help my bags that after using it for awhile it didn't help them much more so i used up the rest and thats the end of my short lived hope of this baby being my holy grail.
Repurchase?  No i won't be rushing out to buy a full sized pot of this

Nars Sheer Glow and Sheer Matte Samples in 'Gobi':

One day i walked into Mecca and walked out with samples of the notorious Nars Sheer Glow and Sheer Matte foundations. I was excited to get home and try both the following days. Sheer Glow was quite watery in comparison to Sheer Matte which was of thicker consistency. I tried Sheer Matte with multiple primers and different techniques but it always made my skin look horrendously dry and it would also split on my face making me look like i had no idea of how to apply makeup. Sheer Glow glided onto my face and didn't make my face look as dry although it did also split on my face and by the end of the day it oxidised as well. Needless to say I only used Sheer Matte twice and then put it aside and gave up on it and i ended up using all of Sheer Glow.
Repurchase? Safe to say that i won't be purchasing the full sized foundations

Lucas PawPaw Ointment:

I love love love love this product! I have been using this product for god knows how long for literally every little cut, wound, chaffing, graze i ever get as well as chapped lips. It has a multitude of uses and the list can go on forever, its my savour in summer when i get chaffing on my legs when i got to the beach or when its really humid. It literally mends stuff over night and wow i couldn't imagine my life without it. 
Repurchase? Yes definitely 

Models Prefer Perfect Canvas Mattifying Primer:

I won't say too much on this product as I have already given my thoughts on it here  but I brought this on a whim and I'm glad I did otherwise i probably wouldn't of ever tried it. I do love it but i also want to try other products
Repurchase? I probably will but after i have tried other primers

L-R: Sportsgirl Tanning Mitt, Sugar Baby Hello Hamptons Hand and Body cream in
Coconut and Vanilla, Moroccan Oil.

Sportsgirl Tanning Mitt:

This technically isn't an empty but its something I'm throwing away. i absolutely love this mitt, it helps my tan glide on so easily with no streaks or lines! They're only 9.95 and you can't go wrong, it also prevents you from getting those orange hands!
Repurchase? Already have

Sugar Baby Hello Hamptons Hand and Body Cream in Coconut and Vanilla:

Oh my god i have never loved a body cream more than i love this. I have raved about this numerous times but honestly its like jesus in a bottle. It makes your skin baby soft and you smell like a big ball of vanillary coconut goodness. I got this during christmas and i was scared it was just a christmas thing, but its not and i was ecstatic to find out its not, ladies i definitely recommend buy this its only 12.95 from myers and you won't regret it!
Repurchase? Already have of course

Moroccan Oil:
I remember this hair product used to be raved about but I've realised its not so raved about anymore. I brought this off ebay like 2 years ago for about 40 bucks and its lasted me 2 years and there is still a little bit left. I used to use this everyday then i realised i shouldn't be using it everyday now i only use it when my hair is super knotty and it leaves my hair silky smooth and it feels more nourished in a way.
Repurchase? Not yet as I'm giving Organix Coconut Oil a try

So that is all beauties, i hope you enjoyed this post!
Leave your thoughts in a comment :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Everything about Primers!

Hey Beauties,

Well today ill be talking about probably one of my favourite beauty products ever, primers! Not priming is a crime in my eyes and a lot of beauty babes eyes, not only does it prolong your makeup wear but it also can visibly reduce pores, lines and uneven skin tones which is amazing! I love primers and everything they do, I'm a self confessed prime-aholic its the first thing i look for when I'm at priceline or wherever sells primer, I've actually had to stop myself from buying primers cause i thought 4 primers was a bit excessive, but i doubt that will last! So read on if you want to know my thoughts on my primers!

From L-R: Maybelline Baby Skin, Benefit POREfessional, Face of Australia Face Base Primer,
 Models Prefer Pefect Canvas Mattifying Primer.
So lets begin!

 Benefit Porefessional:
I honestly don't think i need to say much about this product, because i have raved about it so many times and its a cult classic. I have massive pores and this lil baby helps reduce them swell as making my skin feel so soft. I also don't get oily by the end of the day when using this primer and it helps my makeup just glide on. On the back of the packaging it states its oil-free, translucent and silky. I will always continue to buy this!

Maybelline Baby Skin:
This primer isn't actually available in australia nor do i know if its actually getting released in australia. Its supposedly a Porefessional dupe but I believe its so far from that. Its supposed to leave your skin baby soft hence the name baby skin, and its suppose to help minimise pores. It doesn't do anything to my pores and the only reason it leaves your skin 'baby' soft is because its so silicony (not even a word but idc) and oily that it makes you think your skin is soft. Its silicone based and makes me oily by the end of the day so I've had to start using a matte setting powder to prevent that. I definitely will not be repurchasing this because i believe it does nothing that it says, although I've read many reviews that it does reduce peoples pores.

Face of Australia Face base Primer:
I brought this on recommendation from one of my friends otherwise i probably wouldn't of brought it because unless a primer states its going to minimise my pores and mattify my face i usually don't look at it. That being said i am really enjoying this primer, its lightweight and soft and doesn't make me oily. Although it doesn't minimise my pores i still enjoy it. This is my quick primer when I'm in a rush because i can just rub it in quickly and it helps my foundation glide on effortlessly.

Models Prefer Perfect Canvas Mattifying Primer:
I brought this primer on one of those days i was determined to buy a primer and I'm glad i did. This primer helps my face stay matte all day and helps my foundation go on effortlessly. It does claim to reduce pores and fine lines but i don't think it does. I used to use this in conjunction with Porefessional because i think professional is a little too expensive to be used as an all over primer but i found that this primer made Porefessional go funny and into like little balls so i stopped using them together. I would repurchase this but not right away because i really want the Bourjous Happy Light Matte Primer.

Thats all beauties,
Until next time

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sportsgirl Lipsticks! thoughts and reviews

Hey Beauties,

This post is exciting for me because i love lipstick especially Sportsgirl lipsticks! I have been an avid Sportsgirl lover since i was about 13, i literally used to spend all my money there when i had a job and when i got a job at Sportsgirl middle of last year its safe to say one of my teenage dreams came true! Since working at Sportsgirl I've come to fall in love with their lipsticks over and over again! Not only their lipsticks but all their beauty products, they literally can do no wrong. So of course i wanna share with you my top 4 sports girl lipsticks and the ones i wear every day nearly! So read on to find out.

From L-R: Wanderlust, Day Dreamer, Front Row, Love Bite.

Wanderlust is a beautiful lilac matte colour and is beautifully pigmented and its a subtle look for either day or night. People kind of stray away from purples but honestly this lipstick is such a beautiful colour you can't go wrong.

Day Dreamer:
I was longing for this lipstick for awhile then i finally brought it, its a pastel pink and its matte as well which adds to the pastel-ness. Day Dreamer is a pink version of Wanderlust and i love it. I use Sportsgirl Lip Crayon in 'Mad About You' as a lip liner for a beautiful gradient look perfect for a night out on the town!

Front Row:
Front Row is a new one to Sportsgirl lipstick collection and I'm glad they brought it out. Its a dark yet bright pink but not over bearing bright. Its what i would say a winter pink, and perfect for a day look with a bold lip. I brought this immediately and I'm glad i did, it really suits people with fairer skin like mine!

Love Bite:
This is the newest to my collection although its been around for ages. I put it on for a photo for my Sportgirl store instagram and my manager told me how amazing it looked at me so i continued to wear it for the rest of the day and thats where my love affair with Love Bite started. Its so creamy and a dark red colour perfect for winter, I'm so in love with this colour it works so well with a mustard cardigan or anything mustard! This is my go to lipstick when I'm unsure what lipstick to wear.

From L-R: Wanderlust, Day Dreamer, Front Row, Love Bite. (These aren't exactly how they look in real life, the lighting in the photo has made them look funny).

So there are my reviews on my favourite Sportsgirl lipsticks. Overall i love their lipsticks and will continue to buy them no matter what. Although their matte lipsticks don't really agree with my lips much because they tend to go funny on my lips after awhile but it doesn't happen to anyone else i have spoken to. I vow to one day own all of the sports girl lipsticks even if i don't use them all haha.

Have a good night beauties

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Maybelline BB cream and Fit me Stick review

Hey Beauties,

So today i will be reviewing the Maybelline BB cream in Light for Oily Skin and the Fit me Stick in 115. I brought both of these products in the Chemist Warehouse 50% off Maybelline products promotion as i had been lusting after both of these for ages! So keep reading if you wanna find out my thoughts on these two products 

Maybelline BB cream in Light and Fit me Stick in 115
BB Cream for Oily skin:
Ive always wanted to try a BB cream, my mother raves about them and so does everyone else but i was always kind of hesitant as i like more coverage than a BB cream offers. That being said i still went ahead and brought this because i thought 'if i don't like it mum can have it' which i often do with makeup i don't like instead of me just throwing it away. Ive only used this a couple of times and it does provide reasonable coverage but its definitely not full coverage. It says it provides 2% Saylic  acid which is to keep the oil at bay, but i find it kind of dries my face out. I don't have bad oily skin bot compared to when i was 15 but it still has the chance of getting oily every now and then. I wore this BB cream today actually and it hasn't lasted all day and in fact its kind of separated on my skin. I think this would be good for those lazy days or days you don't feel like wearing makeup but need to look somewhat presentable. Im definitely not in love with it but i don't hate it either, I'm going to keep playing with it using different primers etc.

Fit Me Stick:
As soon as i heard 'anti shine' i was sold on this product! It has an anti shine core which is supposed to keep shine at bay all day. I find it actually dries my skin out and makes it look really dry on my forehead and nose which is weird because i don't have dry skin at all. I also find this product difficult to blend as its not as easy and convenient as a liquid foundation were you just pump and go. Ive tried buffing this in with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and I've also tried using my fingers, both times i found it immensely hard to blend and work with. The colour is actually perfect for my skin, i don't think I've ever found a foundation that matches my skin perfectly but this one does, which is why I'm a little disappointed its so hard to work with. Im going to try blend it with my Beauty Blender when it arrives and I'm also going to try play with a silicone based primer so hopefully it won't make my skin look so dry!

That is all for tonight, i hope you enjoyed my review and don't forget to follow my instagram @makeupbyclairehull

Love Claire

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Holy Grail Makeup Products

Hey beauties!

So I figured as my first official blog post i should share with you some of my must have makeup products. Some of these products are either fairly new to the holy grail status or have been my holy grail products for ages! Ill be keeping this short and sweet because lets be honest I'm sure holy grail products has been way over done! Read on to see what my HG products are!

From L-R, Top to Bottom; L'oreal True Match in Vanilla, Benefit POREfessional,
Benefit Brows a-go-go, Mac Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20,
Australis Fresh and Flawless Face Powder in Darkest Brown,
Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover in Light and Benefit Hoola Bronzer.

1. L'oreal True Match Foundation in Vanilla:
This foundation is just everything you want in a foundation and more. Its without doubt a cult favourite of many beauty bloggers and youtube sensations (Lauren Curtis this ones for you) so when i purchased this i was eager to try it and see if it lived up to its expectations. Lets just say it fulfilled all my foundation dreams, it has amazing coverage and leaves you looking flawless and better yet it stays on all day without oxidising which is a big thing! I could go on about this foundation forever but i think you get the point.

2. Benefit POREfessional:
If you are anything like me and have been 'blessed' with big pores this primer is a godsend. I first tried it out when i got a deluxe sample in one of the sets Benefit brings out over christmas and before i even finished the sample I had already ordered a full sized tube off Benefits website. It visibly reduces the size of your pores and leaves your face with a silky kind of feeling to it. Sometimes i squeeze too much out or don't pat it into my pores properly and i get upset because i feel like its too expensive for an all over primer, i think its somewhere around 50AUD for a full sized tube, but i definitely recommend it 

3. Benefit Brows a-go-go:
This lil baby fell into my hands at the beginning of last year when I was in melbourne and i went to the MAC counter in Bourke St Myers and i stood there for 20 minutes without being served and looked down upon so needless to say that probably was the fate because then i saw Benefit and the lady that served me was so bubbly and amazing and she introduced me to this product and wow, i can imagine life without it! It has two eyebrow colours, one light and one dark brown, a pomade in dark brown, a powder highlighter, cream highlighter, eyeliner, eyebrow brush and tweezers all in this neat little package. Ive recently hit pan in the powders and the pomade ran out ages ago but this will always be a HG product for me!

4. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20:
I haven't had this for long but it is yet another raved about product by nearly everyone and I'm glad i finally caved and brought it. Although this is the second tube I've had in less than a month after my first one met its fate a week after i brought it when it smashed on my tiles. Needless to say after using it and then having to stop using it until i could afford to buy another one it made me realise how good this concealer is. It stays on all day without creasing, smudging or rubbing off which i love because I've somehow been blessed with the bad european genetics and only inherited massive dark circles under my eyes, so shout out to this concealer for helping me look somewhat normal.

5. Australis Fresh and Flawless Face Powder in Darkest Brown:
Ive raved about this numerous times so i don't think i really need to say much more other than Australis isn't lying when it says 'Fresh and Flawless' because this powder really does make you look flawless. Darkest Brown is for when i tan and i also have Deep Natural for when I'm not tan.

6. Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover in Light:
I think this was probably the first real face powder i ever brought. I have been using this product since i was about 15/16 and it is simply amazing! i have gotten my mum and my sister also hooked on this product. It lasts forever and its not too pricey (I think 40AUD) and it leaves a flawless finish over your foundation or even to wear it alone. I will always love this powder

7. Benefit Hoola Bronzer:
Can you guess what my favourite brand is?? If you guess Benefit then you're correct! This bronzer is amazing, its a little sample i got in one of the christmas kits and i use it daily and its not even close to running out anytime soon. Its a matter bronzer which is perfect for contouring and the colour itself is an amazing bronze that doesn't look too fake or orange or even worse muddy! I will definitely be purchasing this again as soon as this little sample hits pan, i couldn't imagine life without it!

So that is all my beauties, feel free to leave a comment below letting me know what you would like me to blog next. Have a good day xx

Friday, May 2, 2014

Get to know me!

Well I've finally decided to make a blog! So here i am.
Im going to keep this post short and sweet for my first blog post. I will try my hardest to blog weekly or a few times a week but i already have a hectic life and this is just adding to it!
So a little about me
Im 19 turning 20 in November, Im from Perth Western Australia and have been my whole life. I'm a qualified makeup artist and beautician although I've always had a natural talent for makeup i put that dream aside to follow my dreams of what I've always wanted to be which is a children's psychologist. Im currently studying my bachelor of psychology and hope to do my honours and masters in psychology and also my masters in sexology!
I love makeup and everything to do with makeup, my love for it kind of reignited at the beginning of the year and i can't say wether its a good thing or a bad thing, because well now I'm always broke! well broker than i used to be hahaha.

If you're reading this you probably already follow my instagram but if you don't my instagram is @makeupbyclairehull.

That is all my sweeties

Love always Claire