Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Everything about Primers!

Hey Beauties,

Well today ill be talking about probably one of my favourite beauty products ever, primers! Not priming is a crime in my eyes and a lot of beauty babes eyes, not only does it prolong your makeup wear but it also can visibly reduce pores, lines and uneven skin tones which is amazing! I love primers and everything they do, I'm a self confessed prime-aholic its the first thing i look for when I'm at priceline or wherever sells primer, I've actually had to stop myself from buying primers cause i thought 4 primers was a bit excessive, but i doubt that will last! So read on if you want to know my thoughts on my primers!

From L-R: Maybelline Baby Skin, Benefit POREfessional, Face of Australia Face Base Primer,
 Models Prefer Pefect Canvas Mattifying Primer.
So lets begin!

 Benefit Porefessional:
I honestly don't think i need to say much about this product, because i have raved about it so many times and its a cult classic. I have massive pores and this lil baby helps reduce them swell as making my skin feel so soft. I also don't get oily by the end of the day when using this primer and it helps my makeup just glide on. On the back of the packaging it states its oil-free, translucent and silky. I will always continue to buy this!

Maybelline Baby Skin:
This primer isn't actually available in australia nor do i know if its actually getting released in australia. Its supposedly a Porefessional dupe but I believe its so far from that. Its supposed to leave your skin baby soft hence the name baby skin, and its suppose to help minimise pores. It doesn't do anything to my pores and the only reason it leaves your skin 'baby' soft is because its so silicony (not even a word but idc) and oily that it makes you think your skin is soft. Its silicone based and makes me oily by the end of the day so I've had to start using a matte setting powder to prevent that. I definitely will not be repurchasing this because i believe it does nothing that it says, although I've read many reviews that it does reduce peoples pores.

Face of Australia Face base Primer:
I brought this on recommendation from one of my friends otherwise i probably wouldn't of brought it because unless a primer states its going to minimise my pores and mattify my face i usually don't look at it. That being said i am really enjoying this primer, its lightweight and soft and doesn't make me oily. Although it doesn't minimise my pores i still enjoy it. This is my quick primer when I'm in a rush because i can just rub it in quickly and it helps my foundation glide on effortlessly.

Models Prefer Perfect Canvas Mattifying Primer:
I brought this primer on one of those days i was determined to buy a primer and I'm glad i did. This primer helps my face stay matte all day and helps my foundation go on effortlessly. It does claim to reduce pores and fine lines but i don't think it does. I used to use this in conjunction with Porefessional because i think professional is a little too expensive to be used as an all over primer but i found that this primer made Porefessional go funny and into like little balls so i stopped using them together. I would repurchase this but not right away because i really want the Bourjous Happy Light Matte Primer.

Thats all beauties,
Until next time