Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Top 4 Foundations

Hey Beauties,

First of all i'd like to apologise for being MIA lately, I've been super sick with bronchitis, conjunctivitis and pneumonia and I'm still getting over it all whilst I've been going to uni, working part-time, dancing, trying to have a social life and help my sister plan her wedding. So unfortunately blogging has taken a back seat and will continue to until my life calms down a bit which i don't see happening for awhile.

So anyway today ill be talking about my top 4 foundations! These foundations are my all time favourites and my most used. Unfortunately i don't own many foundations these top 4 were my only foundations until last month when i managed to get some other foundations, but regardless they are top 4 worthy products so read on to find out what foundations they are.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow

This isn't the first time I've spoken about this foundation and it definitely won't be the last. This foundation feels so light on your skin and it makes your skin feel like its able to breathe whilst giving a flawless look. I must admit when i first started using this I didn't like it because I felt like it was just like a BB Cream with a little more coverage but it grew on me and now I love it. The only down fall is it doesn't have very good staying power at all, on me it last a max of 5 hours if I'm at uni or at a squeeze it may last all day if I have a quiet day at work, but its still a wonderful foundation.

Rimmel Match Perfection

I honestly didn't think I would like this foundation as much as I do. I brought this for when I am tan purely cause my best friend uses this when she is tan and I know it suits my tan well. It literally doesn't look orange or patchy and it literally squashes any doubts I had about using a darker foundation (I've always been scared too incase it came out orange).  I like that the colour range for this foundation is quite of a range in colours which I think is super good. Although i do find that it is true to the name of 'Match Perfection' where i feel like it adjusts to my skin tone a bit and ends up a bit lighter than my tan but thats nothing a bit of powder won't fix. It does also have a dewy finish which i don't exactly like purely because I have combination skin but that is easily fixed as well.

ChiChi Super BB Cream

I won't harp on too long about this product although its technically not a foundation i definitely needed to include it. I love love love this BB cream it is purely amazing. I find it has more coverage than a normal BB cream but it feels so light and weightless and breathable on your skin all while being super moisturising as well. Its got SPF 30 which i love because I don't actually put sunscreen on my face unless I'm going out into the sun all day like at the beach or wherever because sunscreen makes me break out and makes my skin super oily so this product is like my saviour in summer as well for days where my face my catch a little bit of rays.

Loreal True Match

Last but not least one of my holy grail foundations. I love this a lot probably as much as every other Lauren Curtis lover loves it. Its literally an amazing foundation that leaves you looking flawless and fresh until the end of the day which I found it oxidises on my face by the end of the day, but not all the time which I find weird. Anyway this has amazing coverage and its so buulable and just wow, i don't think there is really much else to say about this product because you have all probably heard it a thousand times before.

So those are my Favourite foundations, leave a comment below if your favourites are the same as mine or let me know what your favourite foundations are!

Until next time..

Love Always,
Beauty with Claire

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Best of Benefit Cosmetics

Hey Beauties,

This post as the title suggests is about Benefit Cosmetics, which if you follow me on instagram you will know that Benefit is my favourite brand ever which is a big call to make. The love affair with Benefit started in 2013 when i was in Melbourne, i needed a new concealer so naturally i went to MAC because i was young and naive anyway i stood at the MAC counter for 15 minutes and wasn't even acknowledged or anything, even though two employees looked at me so i walked away because i wasn't going to give my money to a store that didn't acknowledge my presence. So i wandered over to Benefit where i was greeted by this infectiously bubbly employee who was more than willing to help me. I ended up walking away with more than intended but boy am i glad she up sold as i wouldn't of experienced possibly my favourite Benefit product ever. The purpose of this post is to give you a bit of my opinion on Benefit products and to share my favourite products as i still find quite a lot of people unsure about Benefit products. So read on to find out my favourite products

the POREfessional Primer
This is a cult favourite without a doubt and is probably one of the most talked about primers I've found. Its a pore minimising primer that is also oil free and leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth and keeping your makeup on all day. I have combination oily skin and big pores so this baby is my saviour. I don't use it all over my face but instead i opt to use it just in places needed. Its quite pricey as its $53AUD but you can get it online on the Benefit site for cheaper.

Benefit is renowned for their Box o'Powders which are essentially blushes in beautiful boxes. Im a sucker for packaging and Benefit always manages to ace it in that division. Anyway Hervana is a beautiful rose coloured blush that is so subtle but at the same time noticeable as well. Perfect for lighter skinned girls like myself, plus it smells amazing sometimes i just smell it because i can haha.

Hoola is another Box o'Powder but this time its a matte bronzer that is perfect for contouring. The one i have is a deluxe sample i got in a kit my parents brought me for christmas and its lasted so long its astounding. This is another cult favourite as its the perfect contour shade no matter what skin colour you are. I will definitely be buying the full sized product once this one runs out which i don't see happening anytime soon.

This is a new one to the collection but i can already tell its here to stay. These were only recently released on the US site and only very recently released in Australia i think last week. Anyway these balms are balm form of the infamous tints that Benefit makes, this one is of Benetint. I love the tints but i mainly use them for lip stains so when they released these i jumped on them. They are so easy to apply and you don't even require a mirror to apply them and they are super moisturising swell as their staying power is amazing. I am definitely going to buy all four of these.

Brows A Go-Go
Ahhhh last but not least Brows A Go-Go is literally my holiest of holy grails ever in the hall of holy grail products. This product is amazing and what started my love for Benefit and for brows in general. It contains two matte powders and a pomade swell as a powder and cream highlighter and tweezers and a little brush and mini eyeliner. As you can see this is well loved and sadly its coming to an end but its lasted me almost two years and i use it daily. The powders last all day and are perfect to fill in my brows and the pomade was good to fill in my gaps and line my brows. Im sad that they're not selling this anymore of the US site but once this runs out i will probably purchase Brow Zings which is similar to Brows A Go-Go.

So those are my holiest of holy grail Benefit products that are my go to's no matter what. I have so many products that i highly rate and i haven't actually used one of their products that i haven't loved. So if you're unsure about Benefit i definitely recommend going into one of their counters and having a play with their products or even getting your eyebrows done at their brow counter. 

That is all my beauties
Until next time..

Love Always,
Beauty with Claire

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Disclaimer: All products have been purchased by me and in no way is this post affiliated with the brand itself, it is simply my thoughts and opinions on the products

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July Favourites

Hello Beauties,

Its that time of month again! and not the bad time of month either hahah. You know the drill by now ill just show you what i was reaching for this month which has drastically changed since last month cause my skin has gone crazy and dry and weird. So read on to find out what my favourites are!.


Indeed Labatories Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask and  Serum*: These are two different products that i was so kindly sent to try out and i am so glad i tried them out. The masks are sheet masks and they come with 4 in the packet. I find they're quite moist for sheet masks but so so so hydrating! I generally have soft skin that isn't really ever dry except the rare occasion in winter but these masks make my face feel like a baby bum! As for the serum i alternate between the serum and my rose hip oil just to keep the moisture in my face and its a wonderful light serum that i think would be perfect if you had super dry skin. I will definitely be repurchasing these products and possibly some more Indeed Lab products considering I'm so impressed with these ones.

Strepsils Plus Lozegenes: So i thought id include this one for a bit of a laugh, considering most of july i was super sick. I actually cursed myself because at the beginning of july i actually said 'Oh i haven't used up any of my sick days' the next day i woke up with a horrendous cold that only got worse and developed into bronchitis and conjunctivitis, who knew bronchitis could cause conjunctivitis. Needless to say these babies soothed my throat and kinda helped lessen the feeling that i was swallowing razor blades. Ahhh the joys of winter


MaxFactor Excess Volume Mascara*: This mascara is huge, like I could probably knock someone out with how big it is. That being said it does have two wands, one for voluminzing and one for darkening and they both do such a wonderful job! I absolutely love this mascara and definitely recommend it to everyone!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: Ive heard good things about this concealer so of course being the makeup lover i am i went and brought it. I was actually surprised how much i like this concealer cause sadly every other Maybelline face product i have used just hasn't agreed with my skin.

Smashbox Color Adjusting Primer: I got a sample of this from kit and i loved it so much i got a full tube. I have quite a lot of redness in the morning mainly under my nose and on my nose and sometimes foundation doesn't cover it so this primer is perfect!

theBalm Girls Lipstick in 'Ima Goodkisser'*: This lipstick is the perfect peachy corally shade that goes perfect with stripes and boyfriend jeans i found. It smells divine and is so moisturising as well.

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer: Ahhh finally i have this after lusting over this highlighter for months! So of course I'm using it all the time and its such a perfect champagne gold highlighter that doubles as an eyeshadow too. I can't wait to try the other 'Manizers' out.

theBalm Instain Blush in Argyle*: I feel like this blush is the perfect shade no matter what time of year it is. These blushes are designed to stain your cheeks for super long wearing which i love about this blush. Its so beautifully pigmented and just wow i want all the Instain Blushes.

So those are my July favourites. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Until next time..
Love Always,
Beauty with Claire

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*I was sent these products to consider but as always i have provided my honest opinion on the products and wouldn't rave about them if i didn't feel they are worthy of it.