Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sportsgirl Lipsticks! thoughts and reviews

Hey Beauties,

This post is exciting for me because i love lipstick especially Sportsgirl lipsticks! I have been an avid Sportsgirl lover since i was about 13, i literally used to spend all my money there when i had a job and when i got a job at Sportsgirl middle of last year its safe to say one of my teenage dreams came true! Since working at Sportsgirl I've come to fall in love with their lipsticks over and over again! Not only their lipsticks but all their beauty products, they literally can do no wrong. So of course i wanna share with you my top 4 sports girl lipsticks and the ones i wear every day nearly! So read on to find out.

From L-R: Wanderlust, Day Dreamer, Front Row, Love Bite.

Wanderlust is a beautiful lilac matte colour and is beautifully pigmented and its a subtle look for either day or night. People kind of stray away from purples but honestly this lipstick is such a beautiful colour you can't go wrong.

Day Dreamer:
I was longing for this lipstick for awhile then i finally brought it, its a pastel pink and its matte as well which adds to the pastel-ness. Day Dreamer is a pink version of Wanderlust and i love it. I use Sportsgirl Lip Crayon in 'Mad About You' as a lip liner for a beautiful gradient look perfect for a night out on the town!

Front Row:
Front Row is a new one to Sportsgirl lipstick collection and I'm glad they brought it out. Its a dark yet bright pink but not over bearing bright. Its what i would say a winter pink, and perfect for a day look with a bold lip. I brought this immediately and I'm glad i did, it really suits people with fairer skin like mine!

Love Bite:
This is the newest to my collection although its been around for ages. I put it on for a photo for my Sportgirl store instagram and my manager told me how amazing it looked at me so i continued to wear it for the rest of the day and thats where my love affair with Love Bite started. Its so creamy and a dark red colour perfect for winter, I'm so in love with this colour it works so well with a mustard cardigan or anything mustard! This is my go to lipstick when I'm unsure what lipstick to wear.

From L-R: Wanderlust, Day Dreamer, Front Row, Love Bite. (These aren't exactly how they look in real life, the lighting in the photo has made them look funny).

So there are my reviews on my favourite Sportsgirl lipsticks. Overall i love their lipsticks and will continue to buy them no matter what. Although their matte lipsticks don't really agree with my lips much because they tend to go funny on my lips after awhile but it doesn't happen to anyone else i have spoken to. I vow to one day own all of the sports girl lipsticks even if i don't use them all haha.

Have a good night beauties


  1. Oooo I may try these, pigmentation looks amazing. I normally do not wear lipstick as they feel uncomfortable. How creamy are they?

    1. Hey babe, i only just saw this! but some Sportsgirl Lipsticks are matte and some are creamy, sometimes i find the matte ones drying but the creamy ones i absolutely love! Definitley go in store and try some out