Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Whats in my Travel Bag

Hey Beauties,

So i thought id do this post purely because the next three weeks I'm away. Firstly I'm going to Busselton in WA for a festival called Southbound, where i will be camping over night as its a two day festival. Secondly after southbound i fly out to Sydney for almost two weeks. So todays post is about what ill be taking to sydney with me and more than likely Southbound too although not as much.

Face Products:

Primers: I need to bring two primers with me, because i will find it hard to use one product for two weeks. My choices are Benefit Porefessional and Bourjous Happy Light Matte primer. Ive been loving these two primers a lot lately, either by themselves or together, they're the perfect combo.

Foundation: Okay so im in a dilemma, im tanning for southbound but not for sydney otherwise ill either need to bring a zillion different foundations as the tan fades or tan again while in sydney which i don't exactly want to do, so hopefully by the time the festival is over my tan has faded enough that ill only need to bring two foundations. These choices are Loreal Infallible Foundation and Revlon Color Stay, these two foundations make me look flawless and stay on forever, perfect for exploring Sydney.

Concealers: I forgot to include concealers in the photo but essentially ill be bring both my MAC prolong wear concealers as they're amazing and i don't think i need to explain them a anymore.

Powders: Ofcourse Australis Fresh and Flawless is in my travel bag because i want to be flawless duhh. Plus this is perfect for that in-between tan stage.

Finishing Products: Ill be bringing my Face of Australia translucent powder, MAC Fix+ and BareMinerals Well rested to set my under eye concealer. These three products make sure my face isn't going anywhere haha.

Blush/Contour/Highlighter:  Considering I'm bringing a lot of makeup i need to save on space somehow so fortunately i have the Nars Virtual Domination Palette. Its got all three products in it and they're all to die for.

Lipsticks: Ofcourse i need to bring at least 5 different lipsticks because well i dunno what ill be wearing and a girl has to be prepared. My travel bag picks are Sportsgirl Pout About it in 'Duchess', Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick '1995', TooFaced Melted Lipstick in 'Peony', Mac Prep+ Prime Lip, Mac Lipstick in 'Mac Red', BeneBalm, Gerard Cosmetics lipgloss in 'Fiji'. Im just prepared

Skin Care:

I couldn't go two weeks without skincare, although this isn't as big as my skincare range at home this will do. Im bringing Sukin Rosehip Oil, ModelsPrefer Matte Me moisturiser which i absolutely love so much wow! Transformulas Eye lifting Gel because i aint got no time for bags. Ofcourse I'm bringing Lucas Pawpaw because i don't go anywhere without it. Last but not least ill be bringing Daisy Perfume by Marc Jacobs.

So thats what in my travel bag, its probably too much but id rather be over prepared than under prepared. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Until Next time..

Love always,
 Beauty with Claire

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Recent Purchases

Hello Beauties,

Todays post is going to be short and sweet. I recently did a massive sephora haul from america and i actually got a friend that lives in america to ship it to me. So this post is just a collective haul over what i have gotten the past month or so i haven't blogged. Not all of it is from Sephora, some is from Priceline or Kit Cosmetics as well. 

From L-R: Hourglass Ambient Blush Wardrobe, Nars Virtual Domination Cheek Palette, Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour Blush in 'Blissful", BareMinerals Well Rested, Bourjous Happy Light Matte Primer, Too Faced Sweet Heart Blush in 'Peach Beach'

From L-R: TooFaced Eyeshadow Quad, Urban Decay Naked Basics 2, TooFaced Better than Sex Mascara

From L-R: Face of Australia Lip Quencher in 'Lychee', Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks in 'Buttercup' and '1995', Gerard Cosmetics lip glosses in 'Nude' and 'Fiji' and Too Faced Melted Lipstick in 'Peony'
So that is my haul from the past two months, if you would like any blog posts for certain items please leave a comment below,

Until next time,

Love always,
Beauty with Claire 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Indeed Labratories; Products and reviews

Hello my beauties,

Ahhhhhhhh firstly wow its been forever and i have missed blogging a lot but i needed to take a break as i felt like blogging was a bit of a chore and university also got in the way but i am back!.
So as the title suggests this post will be about Indeed Labratories and a few of their products i have tried. So please read on to find out what products i am loving of theirs.

Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask: This mask is ah-friggen-mazing, there is no other way to explain it. It is a sheet mask and 4 masks come in the packet. These masks aim to release hyaluronic acid whilst on your skin which aims to hydrate your skin from beneath. It literally leaves my skin feeling like a babies bum! I don't have dry skin intact i have combination oily skin so i don't use these weekly, i instead use them monthly or whenever my skin feels a bit dry especially in winter. These masks retail for 29.99AUD which is kind of pricey for me anyway but they are definitely worth it especially if you don't use them weekly.

Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue:  I am a sucker for eye creams, if you're a regular reader of my blog you will know i have dark circles and they are my biggest insecurity on my face, so gimme any eye cream that claims to 'rescue' my eyes and I'm there. This is quite a thick cream formula and goes on quite nicely although i found that if i rub my eyes a few hours after putting it on it has the tendency to ball up. I must say it hasn't 'rescued' my eyes from the horrendous bags but it does wonders on reducing puffiness. This retails for 34.99AUD and in my honest opinion there is better eye creams out there for girls with dark circles, but if you're only worried about puffiness then i would  definitely give this a shot.

Hydraluron: This product when i first got it i was so confused on what exactly it was, but i am here to inform you its a serum, so now you can all sleep easy knowing i have figure this out for you hahah.
Seriously this stuff is amazing, i was using it religiously during winter when my skin has a tendency to get dry, i would put this on before my moisturiser at night to give it that extra moisture boost. This serum and the moisture boosting masks  tie in so well together, i use the masks then i put this on before my moisturiser and my skin is #flawless. I highly recommend this product even if you have combination/oily or oily skin, i alternate between Hydraluron and Rosehip oil and my skin has never been better.

So that is all my thoughts on the Indeed Lab products i have used and loved. 
Feel free to comment below letting me know your experiences with these products.
Until next time..

Love always,
Beauty with Claire


Disclaimer: Although i was kindly sent these products from a PR company, these are entirely my own opinions and views of the products. I always provide my honest opinion on my blog

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Australis AC On Tour; Contouring & Highlighting Kit

Hey Beauties,

So i felt like i just HAD to do this blog post and show you lovely readers the new Australis Contouring and Highlighting kit. This is a new release from Australis and like almost every Australis product I'm very impressed. Its a supposed dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit which i don't own myself but i honestly feel like i don't need too after buying this baby. Its so pigmented and versatile its beyond a joke. There are three highlighting/lighter shades and three contouring/darker shades, all varying in colour so you can find the perfect highlight and contour for just about any skin tone. As i am quite of a fair  skinned girl i find that using too much of the contouring powder can make me look muddy and disgusting so using a light hand is a definite. I also use this palette for not only contouring and highlighting but also for eyeshadow bases, highlighting the inner corners of my eyes and using the contouring shades as transition shades for eye shadows. Seriously if you're in Australia head to your local Priceline or purchase it online here for only 16.95 AUD.

Seriously this palette is amazing!
Thats all for now my beauties,

Until next time,
Love always
Beauty with Claire

Disclaimer: This post is in no way a sponsored post nor was i sent this product, i just felt the need to let all of you know how amazing this palette is

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Its not me, its you; September Product Letdown

Hey Beauties,

So seeing as my last 'Products I regret buying' post was so popular I thought id make this a monthly thing to go along side Monthly Favourite posts. Obviously i may not be able to do one of these monthly because i may love every product that month but lets be honest i highly doubt that will happen. So I'm hoping you have read my September Favourites. Continue reading to find out what i was hating this month.

Innoxa Age Erase Serum Foundation*: I am so devastated about this product, the colour is absolutely perfecto for my skin colour and i honestly did love it to begin with but its staying power is horrendous, and it rubs off and goes patchy. Im not sure if its my skin as i have combination oily skin but it just doesn't work with my skin. 

Benefit Dr. Feelgood: I just don't even know what sort of product this is, is it a primer, is it a finishing powder, is it a blotting product i honestly just don't know. Luckily i didn't pay full price for this and i infact brought it off lady who was selling her back ups. Im honestly just confused by this product and thats probably the reason why its on this list. 

L'Oreal Base Magique Primer: Ahhh im so glad i got this little sample in one of my Bella Box's before i splurged and brought the full sized product. This is a hard primer to work with, it leaves your skin looking smooth but after an hour its kind of like 'lol joke' oil city. It makes me so oily and disgusting i don't even know why i haven't thrown it out yet.

Covergirl Bombshell Liquid Eyeliner: Im not sure if this product should really be on this list because its more of a 'Its not you, its me' I literally cannot use felt tipped liquid eyeliner pens. For the life of me i have tried and tried and i just can't. Gimme a liquid eyeliner with a little brush and I'm fine, gimme a felt tipped eyeliner and i am like a kid who doesn't colour in the lines. 

Benefit Fakeup Concealer: Wow another Benefit product on this list, this isn't right. But honestly this concealer is way too creamy for me. It claims to be crease proof but i have never met a concealer that has creased on me so much. I feel like this product would work wonders on someone with a dry eye area but for me its a big no no.

Bourjous CC Eye Cream: This product is supposed to be Color Corrective, but it honestly makes my eyes look worse. Im not sure if its supposed to be used under another product or by itself, but it just doesn't work for me.

BioElixia Multi Action Eye Serum: Im actually shocked i don't like this product because i absolutely loved BioElixia's Eye Brightening cream! But this product just balled up on my face and made my under eyes feel dry. I would put it on in the night and the next morning i would rub my face and it would still ball up, i wasn't using a lot of product either and i was rubbing it in a lot! So disappointing

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm: Oh i had such high hopes for this but it let me down so much. It swatches beautifully like a beautiful corally orange but it goes on patchy and disgusting and it makes my lips so dry needless to say its got no lasting power at all. Im so devastated cause its such a nice colour.

So those are all my product dislikes this month, i hope you enjoyed them and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Until next time,

Love always,
Beauty with Claire

Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Favourites!

Hello Beauties,

gaaaahhhh I've missed this, I've missed relaxing and blogging and just talking to my beauty gals (yeah i do feel like I'm just having a convo when writing posts) Anyway lets not get too off track. I missed August favourites because lets be honest i didn't even have time to consider any favourites or even think of anything. But now i am back with a jam packed september favourites, so keep reading to find out what i was loving this september!

Loreal Infallible Foundation: So i brought this because I'm a mega sucker for anything that claims to stay on my face for 24hrs, sadly this doesn't BUT it does give me a friggen flawless look, i pair this with Australis Fresh and Flawless powder and bam my skin looks so flawless I'm not going to lie. Its perfect wear for about 5 hours then its kind oily but everything gets kinda oily on my face so its not biggy. Its kinda pricey for 'drugstore' but i definitely recommend picking this bad guy up!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: Ive had this for awhile and i mean i loved it but i didn't use it much because i felt the colour which is the lightest may i add was too yellow for me. But i don't know whats come over me but i have been looooving this so much lately, it really does 'fit me' on application it looks too yellow but then i buff it in and set it and bam you never know. It doesny crease and it lasts all day.

Milani Clear Brow Gel: I got this little baby when i ordered off of beauty joint because i needed a clear brow gel. This isn't like hard core could last just about anything gel but it doesn't hold my brow hairs in place and feels quite soft. 

SmashBox Limitless Eyeliner: This little guy has been like a growing love affair. I mean I'm not a massive fan of water lining and tight linig but when i do i grab this dude. It stays on no matter what, its amazingly pigmented and buttery and glides on like a dream. Im definitely going to be buying a full sized one when this one runs out.

Stila Kitten Highlighter Duo: Ahhhh i love this duo, although it doesn't contain the actual notorious kitten colour, it is variations of that colour. One side a beautiful soft shimmery pink and on the other side is a champagne pink. I love the soft pink for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes and my brow bone. The champagne colour is perfect for highlighting when using my next favourite.

Benefit Rockateur Box O'Powder: Ahhhh i love benefit blushes so much! This one is a perfect rose gold colour perfect for spring and summer. I actually never thought id really like this blush but boy was i wrong. It goes perfectly with the champagne highlighter from the Stila Kitten Duo, oh so summery.

Sportsgirl Pout About It 'Duchess': I think i have found my holy grail pinky nude lipstick. So you guys know how much i love Sportsgirl Lipsticks, so anyway when this came in i felt like the heavens opened up and sung a pretty song. I have been wearing this constantly since buying it and i probably should invest in some backups.

Chapstick Cake Batter Lipbalm: Lets be honest i was a fan of chapstick but i never really brought them. So when this guy was released i needed to try it because who doesn't like cake batter? This is perfect for just throwing in your bag and going anywhere with you plus it is like a little pick me up when you put it on.

Sportsgirl Skin Smoothie Vanilla: omg where has this product been all my life. This is a new release and kind of a new version to sports girl's body butters, i loved the vanilla body butter but this skin smoothie is something different. It smells amazingly divine and makes your skin oh so smooth.

Transformulas Eye Lifting Gel: This is a new one to Priceline and i was so kindly gifted this product. Im always apprehensive with eye products claiming to be an eye lift in a bottle which is exactly what Transformula's are claiming. But boy am i impressed, if you're a regular here you know i have dark bags and circles under my eyes that are the bain of my existence but i have been loving this the past month, i apply it after my shower and i wake up in the morning with my dark circles barely there. I was actually shocked when i stayed at my boyfriends and didn't use this product and the next morning my dark circles were horrendous, thats when i realised i need this baby in my life forever.

So those are the products i have been loving this September! Stay tuned for my new blog series called 'Its not me, its you, September Not so Favourites' Were ill be dishing the dirt on the products i just didn't love this september and probably won't love any other month

Until next time,

Love Always,
Beauty with Claire

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Product Empties

Hey Beauties,
Ahhhh my long lost beauty lovers, i miss you all! Just a quick note if you don't follow me on instagram, i won't be blogging as much until about october due to a massive load on myself such as uni, study, working part time, dancing, helping my sister plan a wedding, trying to see my boyfriend and maintain some what of a social life, blogging kind of takes a back seat to that and i haven't exactly been looking after my health as of late either, my mental health in particular. So I'm just going to focus on me for awhile then ill be back blogging as usual when I'm fabulous again.

Okay so now thats out of the way, the fun stuff! I have been collecting all these empties for awhile now, okay not really like a month or two but still! Ive been collecting them because this is one of my most requested blog posts. So keep on reading if you wanna find out what i loved enough to use til the end!

Organix Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner
So let me just start with i got these when they were 40% off at one of price lines 40% off haircare sales, otherwise lets be honest i probably wouldn't of brought these because I'm a broke uni student that loves makeup way more than hair care. Besides that i didn't find that using this shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel softer which i would of expected considering they're approx. $17.95AUD from Priceline, nor did i feel that it stop breakage of my hair which is the main reason i got them because i have long hair that not so much breaks but falls out all of the time. I just felt underwhelmed with these but i used them til the end because they were in my shower and I'm lazy haha
Repurchase? No.

Nivea Exfoliating Wipes
These are such a nifty idea, one side is smooth and one side is bumpy. The idea is that you use the smooth side to remove all your makeup then the bumpy side to exfoliate. I actually loved these wipes a lot which is a big deal considering i don't use wipes often because i was my face every night and when i go out I'm usually too tired to do anything but sleep when i get home (gasps). These are designed for oily/impure skin which i think is good swell, I'm unsure if they come in other skin combinations too but they're definitely worth checking out
Repurchase? Yes

Swisspers Cosmetic Tips
AHHHH i absolutely love these they have the holiest of holy grail status in the museum of holy grails. I literally can't live without them, when i run out i don't know what to do with myself and i actually steer clear of all eye products except mascara until these are in my possession again. One side is pointed and the other side is flat, perfect for perfecting liquid eyeliner without wiping all of it off. I actually freaked out when i couldn't find these for a few days, i went to about 10 different shops and nowhere had them and i nearly had a melt down, but i found them and brought about 10 packets..
Repurchase? Already have

Garnier Micellar Water
I brought this when it first came out which was about beginning of the year and its only just ran out now which i think is amazing. I use this after i have washed my face in the shower so i really only use it to get any left over makeup off and to get rid of panda eyes. Regardless it does a good job of removing makeup and it doesn't irritate my skin or eyes which is a big thing because lately my eyes have been sensitive. Although i do find when i want to use it to take all my makeup off it takes a lot to get every bit off. Regardless i can't fault this baby
Repurchase? Already had a backup

Australis Finishing Powder
This was my first ever finishing powder and i feel like i need to pat myself on the back for choosing such a beauty. This product is so finely milled and soft and wow its what dreams are made of. It leaves your skin feeling baby soft and sets your makeup amazingly even for oily skin and it doesn't give a white flash back in photos! I mean for $12.95 AUD i didnt expect a product to be this amazing, but then again Australis never fails!
Repurchase? Yes

So those are my product empties for now my ladies, i hope you enjoyed.

Until next time..
Love Always,
Beauty with Claire

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Top 4 Foundations

Hey Beauties,

First of all i'd like to apologise for being MIA lately, I've been super sick with bronchitis, conjunctivitis and pneumonia and I'm still getting over it all whilst I've been going to uni, working part-time, dancing, trying to have a social life and help my sister plan her wedding. So unfortunately blogging has taken a back seat and will continue to until my life calms down a bit which i don't see happening for awhile.

So anyway today ill be talking about my top 4 foundations! These foundations are my all time favourites and my most used. Unfortunately i don't own many foundations these top 4 were my only foundations until last month when i managed to get some other foundations, but regardless they are top 4 worthy products so read on to find out what foundations they are.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow

This isn't the first time I've spoken about this foundation and it definitely won't be the last. This foundation feels so light on your skin and it makes your skin feel like its able to breathe whilst giving a flawless look. I must admit when i first started using this I didn't like it because I felt like it was just like a BB Cream with a little more coverage but it grew on me and now I love it. The only down fall is it doesn't have very good staying power at all, on me it last a max of 5 hours if I'm at uni or at a squeeze it may last all day if I have a quiet day at work, but its still a wonderful foundation.

Rimmel Match Perfection

I honestly didn't think I would like this foundation as much as I do. I brought this for when I am tan purely cause my best friend uses this when she is tan and I know it suits my tan well. It literally doesn't look orange or patchy and it literally squashes any doubts I had about using a darker foundation (I've always been scared too incase it came out orange).  I like that the colour range for this foundation is quite of a range in colours which I think is super good. Although i do find that it is true to the name of 'Match Perfection' where i feel like it adjusts to my skin tone a bit and ends up a bit lighter than my tan but thats nothing a bit of powder won't fix. It does also have a dewy finish which i don't exactly like purely because I have combination skin but that is easily fixed as well.

ChiChi Super BB Cream

I won't harp on too long about this product although its technically not a foundation i definitely needed to include it. I love love love this BB cream it is purely amazing. I find it has more coverage than a normal BB cream but it feels so light and weightless and breathable on your skin all while being super moisturising as well. Its got SPF 30 which i love because I don't actually put sunscreen on my face unless I'm going out into the sun all day like at the beach or wherever because sunscreen makes me break out and makes my skin super oily so this product is like my saviour in summer as well for days where my face my catch a little bit of rays.

Loreal True Match

Last but not least one of my holy grail foundations. I love this a lot probably as much as every other Lauren Curtis lover loves it. Its literally an amazing foundation that leaves you looking flawless and fresh until the end of the day which I found it oxidises on my face by the end of the day, but not all the time which I find weird. Anyway this has amazing coverage and its so buulable and just wow, i don't think there is really much else to say about this product because you have all probably heard it a thousand times before.

So those are my Favourite foundations, leave a comment below if your favourites are the same as mine or let me know what your favourite foundations are!

Until next time..

Love Always,
Beauty with Claire

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Best of Benefit Cosmetics

Hey Beauties,

This post as the title suggests is about Benefit Cosmetics, which if you follow me on instagram you will know that Benefit is my favourite brand ever which is a big call to make. The love affair with Benefit started in 2013 when i was in Melbourne, i needed a new concealer so naturally i went to MAC because i was young and naive anyway i stood at the MAC counter for 15 minutes and wasn't even acknowledged or anything, even though two employees looked at me so i walked away because i wasn't going to give my money to a store that didn't acknowledge my presence. So i wandered over to Benefit where i was greeted by this infectiously bubbly employee who was more than willing to help me. I ended up walking away with more than intended but boy am i glad she up sold as i wouldn't of experienced possibly my favourite Benefit product ever. The purpose of this post is to give you a bit of my opinion on Benefit products and to share my favourite products as i still find quite a lot of people unsure about Benefit products. So read on to find out my favourite products

the POREfessional Primer
This is a cult favourite without a doubt and is probably one of the most talked about primers I've found. Its a pore minimising primer that is also oil free and leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth and keeping your makeup on all day. I have combination oily skin and big pores so this baby is my saviour. I don't use it all over my face but instead i opt to use it just in places needed. Its quite pricey as its $53AUD but you can get it online on the Benefit site for cheaper.

Benefit is renowned for their Box o'Powders which are essentially blushes in beautiful boxes. Im a sucker for packaging and Benefit always manages to ace it in that division. Anyway Hervana is a beautiful rose coloured blush that is so subtle but at the same time noticeable as well. Perfect for lighter skinned girls like myself, plus it smells amazing sometimes i just smell it because i can haha.

Hoola is another Box o'Powder but this time its a matte bronzer that is perfect for contouring. The one i have is a deluxe sample i got in a kit my parents brought me for christmas and its lasted so long its astounding. This is another cult favourite as its the perfect contour shade no matter what skin colour you are. I will definitely be buying the full sized product once this one runs out which i don't see happening anytime soon.

This is a new one to the collection but i can already tell its here to stay. These were only recently released on the US site and only very recently released in Australia i think last week. Anyway these balms are balm form of the infamous tints that Benefit makes, this one is of Benetint. I love the tints but i mainly use them for lip stains so when they released these i jumped on them. They are so easy to apply and you don't even require a mirror to apply them and they are super moisturising swell as their staying power is amazing. I am definitely going to buy all four of these.

Brows A Go-Go
Ahhhh last but not least Brows A Go-Go is literally my holiest of holy grails ever in the hall of holy grail products. This product is amazing and what started my love for Benefit and for brows in general. It contains two matte powders and a pomade swell as a powder and cream highlighter and tweezers and a little brush and mini eyeliner. As you can see this is well loved and sadly its coming to an end but its lasted me almost two years and i use it daily. The powders last all day and are perfect to fill in my brows and the pomade was good to fill in my gaps and line my brows. Im sad that they're not selling this anymore of the US site but once this runs out i will probably purchase Brow Zings which is similar to Brows A Go-Go.

So those are my holiest of holy grail Benefit products that are my go to's no matter what. I have so many products that i highly rate and i haven't actually used one of their products that i haven't loved. So if you're unsure about Benefit i definitely recommend going into one of their counters and having a play with their products or even getting your eyebrows done at their brow counter. 

That is all my beauties
Until next time..

Love Always,
Beauty with Claire

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Disclaimer: All products have been purchased by me and in no way is this post affiliated with the brand itself, it is simply my thoughts and opinions on the products

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July Favourites

Hello Beauties,

Its that time of month again! and not the bad time of month either hahah. You know the drill by now ill just show you what i was reaching for this month which has drastically changed since last month cause my skin has gone crazy and dry and weird. So read on to find out what my favourites are!.


Indeed Labatories Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask and  Serum*: These are two different products that i was so kindly sent to try out and i am so glad i tried them out. The masks are sheet masks and they come with 4 in the packet. I find they're quite moist for sheet masks but so so so hydrating! I generally have soft skin that isn't really ever dry except the rare occasion in winter but these masks make my face feel like a baby bum! As for the serum i alternate between the serum and my rose hip oil just to keep the moisture in my face and its a wonderful light serum that i think would be perfect if you had super dry skin. I will definitely be repurchasing these products and possibly some more Indeed Lab products considering I'm so impressed with these ones.

Strepsils Plus Lozegenes: So i thought id include this one for a bit of a laugh, considering most of july i was super sick. I actually cursed myself because at the beginning of july i actually said 'Oh i haven't used up any of my sick days' the next day i woke up with a horrendous cold that only got worse and developed into bronchitis and conjunctivitis, who knew bronchitis could cause conjunctivitis. Needless to say these babies soothed my throat and kinda helped lessen the feeling that i was swallowing razor blades. Ahhh the joys of winter


MaxFactor Excess Volume Mascara*: This mascara is huge, like I could probably knock someone out with how big it is. That being said it does have two wands, one for voluminzing and one for darkening and they both do such a wonderful job! I absolutely love this mascara and definitely recommend it to everyone!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: Ive heard good things about this concealer so of course being the makeup lover i am i went and brought it. I was actually surprised how much i like this concealer cause sadly every other Maybelline face product i have used just hasn't agreed with my skin.

Smashbox Color Adjusting Primer: I got a sample of this from kit and i loved it so much i got a full tube. I have quite a lot of redness in the morning mainly under my nose and on my nose and sometimes foundation doesn't cover it so this primer is perfect!

theBalm Girls Lipstick in 'Ima Goodkisser'*: This lipstick is the perfect peachy corally shade that goes perfect with stripes and boyfriend jeans i found. It smells divine and is so moisturising as well.

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer: Ahhh finally i have this after lusting over this highlighter for months! So of course I'm using it all the time and its such a perfect champagne gold highlighter that doubles as an eyeshadow too. I can't wait to try the other 'Manizers' out.

theBalm Instain Blush in Argyle*: I feel like this blush is the perfect shade no matter what time of year it is. These blushes are designed to stain your cheeks for super long wearing which i love about this blush. Its so beautifully pigmented and just wow i want all the Instain Blushes.

So those are my July favourites. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Until next time..
Love Always,
Beauty with Claire

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*I was sent these products to consider but as always i have provided my honest opinion on the products and wouldn't rave about them if i didn't feel they are worthy of it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beauty Favourites under $20

Hey Beauties,

So this is an exciting post for me because if you follow my instagram you'll know by now that I'm a lover of drug store products and most of my collection is drug store as I'm a broke uni student and I'm always on the hunt for bargains. So i decided i would share my absolute favourite products that are under $20AUD. As I'm from Australia its actually amazing when drugstore products are under $20 as the mark up over here is ridiculous which sucks but I'm not going to dwell on it because I'm used to it and thats just how it is. So read on to find out my beauty favourites for under $20.

Models Prefer Perfect Canvas Mattifying Primer: This primer has been mentioned in so many posts because well i really love it! I have combination/oily skin and this does wonders to my skin. Definitly worth checking out as its only about $16.99AUD and it last forever!

Australis Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder: Whenever i write about this powder the song 'I will always love you' by Whitney Houston instantly starts playing in my head. I have been using Australis for what seems forever and i will continue to use it forever. This powder literally leaves you looking flawless and its amazing and compact and so easy to just throw in your bag for touch ups during the day. The only down side is there are literally only 3 shades available and i have all three, the darkest being for when I'm tan and its not even dark at all. That being said if you are lighter skinned or tanned definitely give this baby a go as its only $11.40AUD.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer: This baby is amazing! I have horrendous dark circles and for a drug store concealer this little guy is always saving me from looking like i haven't slept in 10 years. As per the 'unwritten rules of drugstore products' there is only a few shades of this concealer but I'm fair so this is perfect. Its about $18AUD and I've had this for awhile now. Its a bit on the higher end for a concealer but its definitely worth it.

Australis Finishing Powder: This finishing powder is so finely milled for a drug store product it constantly amazes me. It leaves your skin so soft and keeps your makeup amazing all day and its something ridiculous like $12AUD so its practically a steal and wow. I will always repurchase this finishing powder and i have recommended it to so many people that are just buying their first finishing powder.

Nyx Blush: This isn't drugstore per say because its from Target but still its under  20 dollars and i love it so I included it. This is in the shade 'Pinched' which is supposedly a dupe for Nars 'Orgasm' Blush which i don't actually own. Regardless this blush is so pigmented and full of colour with a tiny gold flecks in it which you can just notice when you put it on. I literally always grab this blush when I'm unsure what colour i feel like wearing. I wish we had more colours of the Nyx blushes in Australia.

Maybelline Color Tattoo: This guy is probably my most worn eyeshadow ever, its in the shade 'Barely Branded' and it literally is the most perfect everyday shade to wear. Its a light cream colour with the tiniest hint of shimmer and it stays on forever, to the point that i have to scrub my eyes to get it off. The only downside is that i found using a brush to apply this just doesn't work as it can come out quite patchy and weird but thats because the product is in cream form and i think it needs to be warmed up a little before hand, so i just use my ring finger to apply it which warms it up as well and its perfect. I literally went through a stage where i wore this everyday for about a month.

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara: This is probably the longest used product i have in my makeup collection, i have been repurchasing this since it came out which was a few years ago now and before this i was using the Falsies mascara by Maybelline which i think is exactly the same. Either way i absolutely love this mascara as it lengths and adds volume without making my eyelashes clumpy at all, which is hard because i have long spidery lashes which are sometime impossible to build volume with but this bad guy always saves the day. I will always repurchase this mascara no matter what.

That is all my beauty favourites under $20 dollars. Leave a comment below letting me know your beauty favourites and if you liked this post.

Until next time.

Love Always,
Beauty with Claire

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The quest to find a Beauty Blender dupe, Part 2

Hey beauties,

So as the title suggested this is the second instalment of my quest to find a dupe for the Beauty Blender. I won't go into too much detail about what the Beauty Blender is as you can read it here in my first instalment of this quest. I was suggested by one of my followers on instagram to try the Manicare Precision Blending Sponge, so of course i couldn't pass it up when it was on sale at priceline for $3.99AUD. Read on to find out my experience with it.

Okay so as you can see its actually a completely different shape to the BB but i understand the reasoning behind the different shape. The idea was the wider bottom is for the base such as foundations and the pointed top is for concealers and blending out highlights and contours etc. In theory the shape is well thought out but it just wasn't working for me. I didn't wet it like you usually wet the BB as i had asked my instagram followers if they had wet theirs and the general consensus was no. The blending sponge isn't as squishy (great wording) as the BB in a way that it feels quite a lot more denser and harder like i could throw it and it would bounce back.

So those were my first impressions before i even began using the sponge. I applied my foundation to the bottom of the sponge and started a bouncing action on my face as i would with the BB, and ouch it hurt a lot! I never thought a blending sponge could actually hurt my face and induce a headache as much as the Manicare Blending Sponge did, that being said i was getting sick so my body and pain receptors were not exactly working very well. I actually couldn't finish my face using the Blending sponge as it hurt my face that much and i wasn't using force behind it either, it also sucked up my makeup and didn't deposit much on my face at all.

So needless to say that the Manicare Precision Blending Sponge is definitely not a dupe for the BB and I personally wouldn't recommend buying it at all unless you want to have a sore face after doing your makeup. So the quest to find a Beauty Blender dupe continues..

Until next time.

Love Always,
Beauty with Claire

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lip Product Addict Tag

Hey Beauties,

Todays post wasn't a planned one until my gal beautybybek tagged me to do the Lip Product Addict Tag. I actually had never heard of it until Bek tagged me in it. If you follow my blog or instagram you will know that I'm a makeup hoarder in general, i don't discriminate against any beauty products that i hoard, but i do have a special spot for primers, lipsticks and blushes. Im a huge fan of pink lipsticks as well as nudes and corals and i also love the occasional lilac lip once in awhile. 
Continue reading if you want to know my answers to the Lip Product Tag and i hope you enjoy.

1. Favourite Lip Balm/Treatment

I honestly always have lip balm on me, like i don't actually think youll ever see me without a lip balm in my bag, its pretty much and essential part of living for me. My lips have the tendency to get quite dry quite quickly so I'm always applying lip balm to prevent that because nothing annoys me more than chapped lips. Chapsticks Night time Repair is a night favourite of mine, i lather it on before i go to sleep and wake up with baby soft lips. Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Butter is my absolute favourite lip balm ever (apart from Lucas PawPaw) it smells divine and it stays on my lips for hours on end, it also keeps my lips super hydrated. Another one of my must haves is Lucas PawPaw Ointment which isn't pictured because I've just run out of it, but its so handy to always have.

2. Best Eye Catching Red
I am as much as a sucker for red lips as the next girl, i just think they're so classical and go with almost anything. My favourite eye catching red is MAC Red because its a beautiful classical red thats got just the right amount of depth in it and it lasts all day. My opinion is red lips and stripes never go a stray.

3. Favourite Luxury/Drugstore Lipstick
So i don't own a lot of 'luxury' products unless you count MAC, Benefit and other higher end brands 'luxury' so my favourite luxury lipstick is the Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess Lipstick in 'Hess'. This colour is the perfect nude colour with a bit shimmer, i actually wore it to my year 12 ball and i kind of forgot about it for awhile then rediscovered it this year and haven't let it go since. My favourite drugstore lipstick would have to be Sportsgirl Pout About It Lipstick in 'Beauty Queen'. This colour is the perfect pale pink and goes with literally everything and suits just about everyone. Although it isn't 'drugstore' its still drugstore price and quality is on point.

4. Favourite MAC Lipstick

So until this year i owned one MAC lipstick as i never really set foot in a MAC store for about a year and a bit after a bad experience at one of their counters. Needless to say I'm so glad i brought Saint Germain as it is the perfect barbie pink and i love that its not matte because I'm kind of over matte lipsticks to be honest. This pink is nothing like any pink lipstick I've ever purchased and thats precisely why i love it, it makes you stand out.

5. Most Disappointing Lipstick:

The Nyx Soft Matte Lipstick in Tokyo Tokyo is without doubt the most disappointing lipstick that i own. I expected so much especially after using Australis Velour Lips which have amazing staying power, this Nyx Matte Lipstick is nothing like them. I love the colour but the staying power is horrendous and i found that it cracked on my lips after only a short amount of time. So many people love these lipsticks but I'm definitely not one of them.

6. Lip Liner - Yay/Nay?

So i don't own any lipliners (gasps) I'm not entirely sure why but i just don't feel the need to own any. The closest to lipliners that i own are the Sportsgirl Pucker Up Lip pencils, although i don't actually use them as lip pencils i use them as lipsticks, but when I'm feeling a little wild ill do a bit of a darker pink lip liner then a soft pink on my lips.

7. Best Gloss

This little Benefit Hoola Lip Gloss is the most used lipgloss i own. It smells divine and has the tiniest hint of shimmer in it. Im not a big wearer of lipgloss because i hate when my hair gets caught in my lipgloss which is often i must say considering i have long hair. But when i do i always seem to grab this little guy, it actually is perfect over a nude lipstick as its quite sheer but has a tan tinge to it. Perfect for a summer touch up as well.

8. Something Extra

I couldn't not do this post without mentioning the Australis Velour Lips which are matte lipsticks that are purely amazing. When they first came out i saw 'Mal-I-Bo' which is the hot pink and i fell in love, sadly i didn't have any money to buy it at the time but i vowed to go back the week later and buy it, needless to say i didn't need to go and buy it as my best friend brought it for me for my birthday before i could go buy it. Its my favourite lipstick ever as it stays on forever and doesn't dry my lips, as for the purple which is 'Tok-i-o' it is such a beautiful rich purple that for some reason makes me feel like a teenage witch even though I'm not a teenager (I've clearly been watching too much Sabrina the Teenage Witch). I do believe though that not all the colours of this range are available anymore which sucks but definitely go and grab one if you can.

So that is my Lip Product Tag, I'm actually not going to tag anyone specially but instead I'm tagging all you beauty bloggers and beauty lovers who are reading it now. If you decide to do the tag leave a comment below so i can read it.
I hope you enjoyed this post,

Until next time...
Love Always,
Beauty with Claire

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Brow Routine

Hey Beauties,
This is actually one of my most requested posts since I've started my blog. Ive always had naturally well shaped eyebrows I'm not going to lie, I've literally grown up with people telling me i have amazing eyebrows. This was until my eyebrow waxer started hacking at my brows leaving me with tiny thin brows and seeing as i split my brow open when i was about 12 and i have a gap in my brow where hair doesn't grow. I decided to grow my brows out and went to  a Benefit Brow Bar and the lady that does my brows is a goddess! She has literally saved my brows. So below are some pictures and a little bit of what i do to create my full brows. I hope you enjoy.


Products I use:
Step 1:
To begin with i use a spooly to comb my brows into the shape i want. I then use my EcoTools Eyebrow brush and slightly dip it into my Anastasia BH Dipbrow and line the top of my brows and then line the bottom of my brows to outline the shape i am aiming for. I then use upwards motions with the brush to blend in the bottom line and also to fill in the gap i have from splitting my brow open.
Step 2:
After i have lined my brows and filled in where the hairs don't grow, I then go over with Benefit Brows A -Go-Go which is my holy grail brow product and actually the first product i ever brought from Benefit. It comes with two brow colours as well as a pomade which I've used up and two highlighter colours swell as a brush and tweezers. Anyway now i have darker hair i use the darker shade of brown to fill in the rest of the gaps and to make them look fuller. I do this using the Real Techniques Eyebrow Brush which is amazing. I then go back over with the spooly just to get the few stray hairs i may have missed.

Step 3:
Last but not least to define my brows more and to clean them up a bit i line and highlight under my brows with Benefit Boi-ing in Light. I do this using the Real Techniques Precision Brush which i find perfect for doing this step. I then blend it out with the brush a little then use my pinky finger to blend the rest out a little more.


So that is my brow routine, its kind of hard to master and don't get me wrong somedays i still do them and i just end up looking like i have caterpillars as brows. This is just how i do my brows but in noway is this post intended as it being the correct way because there is no correct way to do brows, you can do them how you like wether they be gradient or full like mine, their your brows so do them how you wish and how you like to do them. Remember beauties there is no rules for makeup, just do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Until next time..

Love Always,
Beauty with Claire

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