Sunday, October 12, 2014

Its not me, its you; September Product Letdown

Hey Beauties,

So seeing as my last 'Products I regret buying' post was so popular I thought id make this a monthly thing to go along side Monthly Favourite posts. Obviously i may not be able to do one of these monthly because i may love every product that month but lets be honest i highly doubt that will happen. So I'm hoping you have read my September Favourites. Continue reading to find out what i was hating this month.

Innoxa Age Erase Serum Foundation*: I am so devastated about this product, the colour is absolutely perfecto for my skin colour and i honestly did love it to begin with but its staying power is horrendous, and it rubs off and goes patchy. Im not sure if its my skin as i have combination oily skin but it just doesn't work with my skin. 

Benefit Dr. Feelgood: I just don't even know what sort of product this is, is it a primer, is it a finishing powder, is it a blotting product i honestly just don't know. Luckily i didn't pay full price for this and i infact brought it off lady who was selling her back ups. Im honestly just confused by this product and thats probably the reason why its on this list. 

L'Oreal Base Magique Primer: Ahhh im so glad i got this little sample in one of my Bella Box's before i splurged and brought the full sized product. This is a hard primer to work with, it leaves your skin looking smooth but after an hour its kind of like 'lol joke' oil city. It makes me so oily and disgusting i don't even know why i haven't thrown it out yet.

Covergirl Bombshell Liquid Eyeliner: Im not sure if this product should really be on this list because its more of a 'Its not you, its me' I literally cannot use felt tipped liquid eyeliner pens. For the life of me i have tried and tried and i just can't. Gimme a liquid eyeliner with a little brush and I'm fine, gimme a felt tipped eyeliner and i am like a kid who doesn't colour in the lines. 

Benefit Fakeup Concealer: Wow another Benefit product on this list, this isn't right. But honestly this concealer is way too creamy for me. It claims to be crease proof but i have never met a concealer that has creased on me so much. I feel like this product would work wonders on someone with a dry eye area but for me its a big no no.

Bourjous CC Eye Cream: This product is supposed to be Color Corrective, but it honestly makes my eyes look worse. Im not sure if its supposed to be used under another product or by itself, but it just doesn't work for me.

BioElixia Multi Action Eye Serum: Im actually shocked i don't like this product because i absolutely loved BioElixia's Eye Brightening cream! But this product just balled up on my face and made my under eyes feel dry. I would put it on in the night and the next morning i would rub my face and it would still ball up, i wasn't using a lot of product either and i was rubbing it in a lot! So disappointing

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm: Oh i had such high hopes for this but it let me down so much. It swatches beautifully like a beautiful corally orange but it goes on patchy and disgusting and it makes my lips so dry needless to say its got no lasting power at all. Im so devastated cause its such a nice colour.

So those are all my product dislikes this month, i hope you enjoyed them and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Until next time,

Love always,
Beauty with Claire

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  1. So glad you done this post as I was considering buying the revlon on colour burst matte balm but after your review I can save my money:) nice blog