Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Favourites!

Hello Beauties,

gaaaahhhh I've missed this, I've missed relaxing and blogging and just talking to my beauty gals (yeah i do feel like I'm just having a convo when writing posts) Anyway lets not get too off track. I missed August favourites because lets be honest i didn't even have time to consider any favourites or even think of anything. But now i am back with a jam packed september favourites, so keep reading to find out what i was loving this september!

Loreal Infallible Foundation: So i brought this because I'm a mega sucker for anything that claims to stay on my face for 24hrs, sadly this doesn't BUT it does give me a friggen flawless look, i pair this with Australis Fresh and Flawless powder and bam my skin looks so flawless I'm not going to lie. Its perfect wear for about 5 hours then its kind oily but everything gets kinda oily on my face so its not biggy. Its kinda pricey for 'drugstore' but i definitely recommend picking this bad guy up!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: Ive had this for awhile and i mean i loved it but i didn't use it much because i felt the colour which is the lightest may i add was too yellow for me. But i don't know whats come over me but i have been looooving this so much lately, it really does 'fit me' on application it looks too yellow but then i buff it in and set it and bam you never know. It doesny crease and it lasts all day.

Milani Clear Brow Gel: I got this little baby when i ordered off of beauty joint because i needed a clear brow gel. This isn't like hard core could last just about anything gel but it doesn't hold my brow hairs in place and feels quite soft. 

SmashBox Limitless Eyeliner: This little guy has been like a growing love affair. I mean I'm not a massive fan of water lining and tight linig but when i do i grab this dude. It stays on no matter what, its amazingly pigmented and buttery and glides on like a dream. Im definitely going to be buying a full sized one when this one runs out.

Stila Kitten Highlighter Duo: Ahhhh i love this duo, although it doesn't contain the actual notorious kitten colour, it is variations of that colour. One side a beautiful soft shimmery pink and on the other side is a champagne pink. I love the soft pink for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes and my brow bone. The champagne colour is perfect for highlighting when using my next favourite.

Benefit Rockateur Box O'Powder: Ahhhh i love benefit blushes so much! This one is a perfect rose gold colour perfect for spring and summer. I actually never thought id really like this blush but boy was i wrong. It goes perfectly with the champagne highlighter from the Stila Kitten Duo, oh so summery.

Sportsgirl Pout About It 'Duchess': I think i have found my holy grail pinky nude lipstick. So you guys know how much i love Sportsgirl Lipsticks, so anyway when this came in i felt like the heavens opened up and sung a pretty song. I have been wearing this constantly since buying it and i probably should invest in some backups.

Chapstick Cake Batter Lipbalm: Lets be honest i was a fan of chapstick but i never really brought them. So when this guy was released i needed to try it because who doesn't like cake batter? This is perfect for just throwing in your bag and going anywhere with you plus it is like a little pick me up when you put it on.

Sportsgirl Skin Smoothie Vanilla: omg where has this product been all my life. This is a new release and kind of a new version to sports girl's body butters, i loved the vanilla body butter but this skin smoothie is something different. It smells amazingly divine and makes your skin oh so smooth.

Transformulas Eye Lifting Gel: This is a new one to Priceline and i was so kindly gifted this product. Im always apprehensive with eye products claiming to be an eye lift in a bottle which is exactly what Transformula's are claiming. But boy am i impressed, if you're a regular here you know i have dark bags and circles under my eyes that are the bain of my existence but i have been loving this the past month, i apply it after my shower and i wake up in the morning with my dark circles barely there. I was actually shocked when i stayed at my boyfriends and didn't use this product and the next morning my dark circles were horrendous, thats when i realised i need this baby in my life forever.

So those are the products i have been loving this September! Stay tuned for my new blog series called 'Its not me, its you, September Not so Favourites' Were ill be dishing the dirt on the products i just didn't love this september and probably won't love any other month

Until next time,

Love Always,
Beauty with Claire

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