Saturday, December 13, 2014

Indeed Labratories; Products and reviews

Hello my beauties,

Ahhhhhhhh firstly wow its been forever and i have missed blogging a lot but i needed to take a break as i felt like blogging was a bit of a chore and university also got in the way but i am back!.
So as the title suggests this post will be about Indeed Labratories and a few of their products i have tried. So please read on to find out what products i am loving of theirs.

Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask: This mask is ah-friggen-mazing, there is no other way to explain it. It is a sheet mask and 4 masks come in the packet. These masks aim to release hyaluronic acid whilst on your skin which aims to hydrate your skin from beneath. It literally leaves my skin feeling like a babies bum! I don't have dry skin intact i have combination oily skin so i don't use these weekly, i instead use them monthly or whenever my skin feels a bit dry especially in winter. These masks retail for 29.99AUD which is kind of pricey for me anyway but they are definitely worth it especially if you don't use them weekly.

Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue:  I am a sucker for eye creams, if you're a regular reader of my blog you will know i have dark circles and they are my biggest insecurity on my face, so gimme any eye cream that claims to 'rescue' my eyes and I'm there. This is quite a thick cream formula and goes on quite nicely although i found that if i rub my eyes a few hours after putting it on it has the tendency to ball up. I must say it hasn't 'rescued' my eyes from the horrendous bags but it does wonders on reducing puffiness. This retails for 34.99AUD and in my honest opinion there is better eye creams out there for girls with dark circles, but if you're only worried about puffiness then i would  definitely give this a shot.

Hydraluron: This product when i first got it i was so confused on what exactly it was, but i am here to inform you its a serum, so now you can all sleep easy knowing i have figure this out for you hahah.
Seriously this stuff is amazing, i was using it religiously during winter when my skin has a tendency to get dry, i would put this on before my moisturiser at night to give it that extra moisture boost. This serum and the moisture boosting masks  tie in so well together, i use the masks then i put this on before my moisturiser and my skin is #flawless. I highly recommend this product even if you have combination/oily or oily skin, i alternate between Hydraluron and Rosehip oil and my skin has never been better.

So that is all my thoughts on the Indeed Lab products i have used and loved. 
Feel free to comment below letting me know your experiences with these products.
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Disclaimer: Although i was kindly sent these products from a PR company, these are entirely my own opinions and views of the products. I always provide my honest opinion on my blog

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