Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June Spending Ban

Hey Beauties!
As the name suggests this month I'm doing one of those things only crazy people do, a spending ban. Ive chosen to do one this month because A. i got a speeding fine that i didn't expect. B. its my sisters birthday. C. end of semester aka going out and partying. So i have lots of reasons that i need to save and not spend all my money on makeup! As part of my spending ban,  I have shopped my own makeup collection and I'm attempting project pan, which is essentially using up products to the pan. Below are the products of what i have shopped and chosen to incorporate into my daily routine which i had once forgotten about until now. I hope you enjoy!

Benefit Hellow Flawless Oxygen Wow: I actually haven't had this foundation for a long time, I've only had it a few months and now its nearly running out! Im going to try to finish this by the end of this month because i really want to try a new high end foundation and i only ever have one high end foundation at a time.

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream: Ive already done a review on this product here. That being said i do enjoy this BB cream although it does part on my face and go weird by the afternoon which is bit of a downer, needless to say I've nearly finished this.

ModelsPrefer Perfect Canvas Mattifying Primer: Im kind of sad that this primer is near the end because honestly i quite enjoyed it as a mattifying primer, I've already done a blog post about it here if you want to know my thoughts on this primer fully.

Australis Highlights: I honestly forgot i even owned this highlighter. I think i brought it before christmas last year before i got makeup for christmas, so i was glad that i have had a chance to try incorporate it back into my daily routine seeing as its also nearly finished as well.

Benefit Stay don't Stray Eyeshadow Primer: I got this in the Love Potions christmas set Benefit brought out and I've loved it so much, i mainly used it to prevent my Boi-ing concealer from creasing as i find it creases on me quite a lot. That being said i totally forgot i owned this because i have had an influx of eyeshadow primers lately that this one took a back burner.

Benefit Highbeam: This is probably one of the most talked about highlighters in my opinion and i certainly know why! It gives such a beautiful luminous glow and its not too powerful in a sense. Perfect for a quick pick me up and swipe on the cheek bones to give a healthy glow

Benefit Posietint & Benetint: Ahhh i love these little guys, sadly I've forgotten about them as of late. I mainly use them to put on my lips because i can never seem to blend them perfectly on my cheeks. That being said I am going to try use them on my cheeks more often because who doesn't love a cheek stain that stays all day, am i right?

Benefit Cabana Glam set: I totally forgot i owned this set and its so beautiful! It has Hoola Bronzer, Some kind-of Gorgeous foundation which i haven't used, Three eyeshadows in 'Peach Fizz', 'Bronze Buzz' and 'Cocoa Pizzaz', it also had a little PosieTint which i gave to my mum because i already had one. Im actually considering de-potting this stuff and putting it in a Z-Palette cause the packaging is so bulky although it is so cute.

Nyx Soft Matte Lipcream: I brought this thinking it would be like Australis Velour Lips, needless to say its nothing like that. I absolutely love this colour 'Tokyo' but its staying power is useless, I've chosen this because i figured the colour is too beautiful to just leave it and never use it.

ModelsPrefer Ultra Lipgloss: Ahhhh this colour is simply amazing its called 'Crowd Pleaser' and its a vibrant hot pink. I honestly forgot how much i loved this lipgloss, its a lipgloss that has the staying power of a lipstick. Plus hot pink is my favourite colour, look out on my instagram for some sneaky pics of this colour!

So that is all, everything i have shopped from my own collection and will attempt to either hit pan on it or start using it more regularly. At the end of the month i will do another blog post with a wish list of items I've lusted after this month as well as how i went with my spending ban

I hope you enjoyed this post
Lots of Love

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