Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The quest to find a Beauty Blender dupe

Hey Beauties,

So as the title of this post suggests I'm on the search to find a Beauty Blender dupe. If you don't know what a BB is, well its essentially a sphere shaped sponge that will rule your beauty world. The BB has a suede touch feel to it and comes in a a few colours, such as purple, black, white and hot pink, i of course chose hot pink. After much umming and ahhing and listening to everyone rave about this pink sponge i caved and brought one from here which is probably the cheapest I've seen for a two pack considering for just one BB if i was to purchase in Australia it would of cost me up to 30AUD.
Okay ill stop talking about the BB and start talking this possible dupe.

L-R. Original Beauty Blender, Kmart Blending Sponge. Both wet.

So i was making my way down the makeup aisle in Kmart (favourite place) when i stumbled upon what appeared to be an exact replicate on face value of the BB so i brought it of course even though i am on a spending ban but seriously it cost me 4AUD dollars so it barely broke the bank. Plus i needed it for blogging sake right?. I got all excited thinking that this could possible be a dupe for the expensive sponge that rules my life and my makeup. But I'm sorry to break it to you girls this 'blending sponge' was so far from a dupe its not even funny, i was actually quite sad when i used it for the first time. It was this hard sponge thing that I'm 99.9% sure has something in the centre of it and i want to cut it open to see if it does. I wet it as per usual with the BB and it swelled to a humongous size as you can see in the photo above. I then went to apply my Chi Chi Super BB cream as i would normally and i honestly had to stop half way through doing my face it was that bad.

After i had finished doing my face with my original BB i decided to inspect what the difference was between the BB and the Kmart Blending Sponge. As you can see in the picture above that the BB is quite poreous and looks all bouncy and like a sponge should look on face value, whereas the Kmart Blending Sponge has no pores whatsoever and doesn't look bouncy at all or sponge like. In fact i felt i may as well have been wiping a cloth on my face. My makeup just sat on top of the sponge and when i tried bouncing it on my face the sponge just kept picking it up and then place it back without blending it or helping it settle into my skin. 

Overall the Kmart Blending Sponge is definitely not a BB dupe at all and my quest to find a BB dupe for all those ladies that don't wanna spend a ridiculous amount on what is essentially a sponge shall continue.

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