Thursday, June 26, 2014

June Bellabox

Hey Beauties,

This is my first ever subscription box blog post and I'm excited to share with you all what i got in the June Bellabox. If you aren't familiar with subscription boxes you essentially pay a certain amount each month for Bellabox its 15AUD each month and you get a variety of sample sized beauty products to try. There are so many different type of subscription boxes available and Bellabox actually offer other boxes that aren't beauty based. 

Anyway this months theme of the box was iconic beauty and was based around beauty icons such as Marilyn Munroe, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and other icons. There were many different brands involved in this months box, a few being ones i really wanted to try out and was hoping id get, we also got a free june issue of Instyle Magazine. Read on to find out what i got in my box.

Rrp: $13.95AUD
Garnier BB Cream: I actually kind of knew i was getting this from all the photos people had posted when they received their boxes. My mum actually raves about this BB cream and swears by it so I'm actually quite excited to try it given that my first experience with BB cream which was the Maybelline Pure BB cream was not a good experience. Although now i have the ChiChi Super BB cream which i love, I'm excited to try out this and see how it goes on my skin.

Rrp: $62 AUD for 50mL
Indio Clear Moisturiser: Ive never actually heard of this brand before received this which is one of the upsides of receiving a subscription box, you get to try brands and products you have never heard of or wouldn't normally buy. This moisturiser is said to be for oily and blemished skin which is fabulous for me and its also hydration balancer which is great for winter.

Rrp: $6.99AUD for 300mL
Herbal Essence Naked Shampoo and Conditioner: Herbal Essence naked is the new to the shampoo range and is said to wipe away the dirt and grime from your hair and reveal its natural beauty, hence why its probably called naked. I actually love Herbal Essence shampoos and conditioners because not only do they smell soooo good they actually make my hair super soft and shiny, more than my Organix shampoo and conditioners. So I'm excited to try these out

Rrp: $7.68AUD for 225mL
Vaseline Healthy Radiance Body Moisturiser: This is said to be the first anti-aging moisturiser for your body. It smells divine and i am all for super soft skin. I can't help but always think of Vaseline brands just as their petroleum jelly that i used to use as a lip balm when i was younger hahaha. 

Rrp: $29.95AUD for 15mL
Loreal Base Magique: This was one of the products i was hoping i would get! I love loreal products and have been eyeing off this primer for so long but i didn't want to spend 30 dollars on a primer and it not work hence why i haven't purchased it yet. So I'm super glad i get to try this and see how it goes plus look how super cute the packaging is, its like a lip balm except for your face.

Rrp: $50AUD for 50mL
Nutrimetics Instant Radiance Beauty Balm: I haven't heard one bad thing about nutrimetics ever, i used to own a few of their blushes and bronzers and although the bronzer was not nice, the blush was to die for so I'm glad i get to try a bit of their skincare products. This beauty balm is said to leave your face radiant and and give it an instant boost. Im a little confused as it says to put it on before your makeup so i think its a primer in a way, but ill have a play with it and see.

So thats what i got in my June Bellabox. This is my second bellabox as my first one wasn't very good as i think i kind of got my left overs haha. You can sign up for a bella box here
That is all for today beauties, i hope you enjoyed this post.

Love always,
Beauty with Claire.

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  1. What do you think of the base magique primer? x

    1. i actually really like it! its so smooth and leaves your skin super smooth and flawless and keeps your makeup on all day.