Thursday, September 4, 2014

Product Empties

Hey Beauties,
Ahhhh my long lost beauty lovers, i miss you all! Just a quick note if you don't follow me on instagram, i won't be blogging as much until about october due to a massive load on myself such as uni, study, working part time, dancing, helping my sister plan a wedding, trying to see my boyfriend and maintain some what of a social life, blogging kind of takes a back seat to that and i haven't exactly been looking after my health as of late either, my mental health in particular. So I'm just going to focus on me for awhile then ill be back blogging as usual when I'm fabulous again.

Okay so now thats out of the way, the fun stuff! I have been collecting all these empties for awhile now, okay not really like a month or two but still! Ive been collecting them because this is one of my most requested blog posts. So keep on reading if you wanna find out what i loved enough to use til the end!

Organix Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner
So let me just start with i got these when they were 40% off at one of price lines 40% off haircare sales, otherwise lets be honest i probably wouldn't of brought these because I'm a broke uni student that loves makeup way more than hair care. Besides that i didn't find that using this shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel softer which i would of expected considering they're approx. $17.95AUD from Priceline, nor did i feel that it stop breakage of my hair which is the main reason i got them because i have long hair that not so much breaks but falls out all of the time. I just felt underwhelmed with these but i used them til the end because they were in my shower and I'm lazy haha
Repurchase? No.

Nivea Exfoliating Wipes
These are such a nifty idea, one side is smooth and one side is bumpy. The idea is that you use the smooth side to remove all your makeup then the bumpy side to exfoliate. I actually loved these wipes a lot which is a big deal considering i don't use wipes often because i was my face every night and when i go out I'm usually too tired to do anything but sleep when i get home (gasps). These are designed for oily/impure skin which i think is good swell, I'm unsure if they come in other skin combinations too but they're definitely worth checking out
Repurchase? Yes

Swisspers Cosmetic Tips
AHHHH i absolutely love these they have the holiest of holy grail status in the museum of holy grails. I literally can't live without them, when i run out i don't know what to do with myself and i actually steer clear of all eye products except mascara until these are in my possession again. One side is pointed and the other side is flat, perfect for perfecting liquid eyeliner without wiping all of it off. I actually freaked out when i couldn't find these for a few days, i went to about 10 different shops and nowhere had them and i nearly had a melt down, but i found them and brought about 10 packets..
Repurchase? Already have

Garnier Micellar Water
I brought this when it first came out which was about beginning of the year and its only just ran out now which i think is amazing. I use this after i have washed my face in the shower so i really only use it to get any left over makeup off and to get rid of panda eyes. Regardless it does a good job of removing makeup and it doesn't irritate my skin or eyes which is a big thing because lately my eyes have been sensitive. Although i do find when i want to use it to take all my makeup off it takes a lot to get every bit off. Regardless i can't fault this baby
Repurchase? Already had a backup

Australis Finishing Powder
This was my first ever finishing powder and i feel like i need to pat myself on the back for choosing such a beauty. This product is so finely milled and soft and wow its what dreams are made of. It leaves your skin feeling baby soft and sets your makeup amazingly even for oily skin and it doesn't give a white flash back in photos! I mean for $12.95 AUD i didnt expect a product to be this amazing, but then again Australis never fails!
Repurchase? Yes

So those are my product empties for now my ladies, i hope you enjoyed.

Until next time..
Love Always,
Beauty with Claire

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