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Brow Routine

Hey Beauties,
This is actually one of my most requested posts since I've started my blog. Ive always had naturally well shaped eyebrows I'm not going to lie, I've literally grown up with people telling me i have amazing eyebrows. This was until my eyebrow waxer started hacking at my brows leaving me with tiny thin brows and seeing as i split my brow open when i was about 12 and i have a gap in my brow where hair doesn't grow. I decided to grow my brows out and went to  a Benefit Brow Bar and the lady that does my brows is a goddess! She has literally saved my brows. So below are some pictures and a little bit of what i do to create my full brows. I hope you enjoy.


Products I use:
Step 1:
To begin with i use a spooly to comb my brows into the shape i want. I then use my EcoTools Eyebrow brush and slightly dip it into my Anastasia BH Dipbrow and line the top of my brows and then line the bottom of my brows to outline the shape i am aiming for. I then use upwards motions with the brush to blend in the bottom line and also to fill in the gap i have from splitting my brow open.
Step 2:
After i have lined my brows and filled in where the hairs don't grow, I then go over with Benefit Brows A -Go-Go which is my holy grail brow product and actually the first product i ever brought from Benefit. It comes with two brow colours as well as a pomade which I've used up and two highlighter colours swell as a brush and tweezers. Anyway now i have darker hair i use the darker shade of brown to fill in the rest of the gaps and to make them look fuller. I do this using the Real Techniques Eyebrow Brush which is amazing. I then go back over with the spooly just to get the few stray hairs i may have missed.

Step 3:
Last but not least to define my brows more and to clean them up a bit i line and highlight under my brows with Benefit Boi-ing in Light. I do this using the Real Techniques Precision Brush which i find perfect for doing this step. I then blend it out with the brush a little then use my pinky finger to blend the rest out a little more.


So that is my brow routine, its kind of hard to master and don't get me wrong somedays i still do them and i just end up looking like i have caterpillars as brows. This is just how i do my brows but in noway is this post intended as it being the correct way because there is no correct way to do brows, you can do them how you like wether they be gradient or full like mine, their your brows so do them how you wish and how you like to do them. Remember beauties there is no rules for makeup, just do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

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  1. Awesome post gorgeous! I'm so jealous of your gorgeous full brows!!! I also love the anastasia dip brow! It's my new fav! I can't believe how much of the benefit brow zings you've used up! I feel like I need this in my life. Great job girl! I laughed so hard about caterpillar eyebrows, sometimes it's struggle to get mine the same shape and one is always more arched than the other! I bet nobody notices but us though!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats