Tuesday, July 15, 2014

ChiChi Super BB Cream

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As the title suggests todays post will be about ChiChi's Super BB Cream. A little about ChiChi, its an  Australian based company that was established in 1997. They sell everything from foundations and concealers to perfumes and body lotions, as far as i know its only available in Australia and New Zealand but lets hope it will soon be available globally, it is also a cruelty free brand (yay). Now to the BB cream, if you are a returning reader you will know I'm a bit dubious about BB creams as my first experience was far from fabulous, it was a bad, patchy, oxidised experience. In all honesty i don't actually understand BB creams, my impression is their just a better version of a tinted moisturiser. In comes ChiChi's Super BB Cream, i actually purchased this as one of my all time favourite blogger  beautybybek has always raved about this and seeing as i had a gift voucher for Myers i thought i had nothing to loose so i purchased it. Needless to say it was one of the best decisions I've made and its changed my whole perspective on BB creams. Read on for my thoughts and a review on the Super BB Cream.

I purchased this in Light because lets be honest I'm so pale even when i tan my skin just doesn't hold tan no matter what. So this Super BB Cream is said to be super moisturising, multi benefit, anti ageing and is said to contain more than 14 essential skin conditions agents. It contains anti-wrinkle collagen and Caviar extract. So all in all thats a lot of things for a BB to contain and claim to do probably why it is called Super BB Cream. When i first put it was on i was expecting it to oxidise and go patchy like every other BB Cream i have tried, but surprisingly i looked in the mirror at the end of the day and it was still as perfect as when i first did it expect i was a bit oily which i expected given i have combination skin. 

I find it super moisturising to the point where if i plan to use it i don't actually moisturise in the morning as i feel like i don't need to, this has also eliminated a little bit of the oil i have on my t-zone at the end of the day. This leaves me feeling radiant and has quite a dewy finish which i like as if i don't feel like a dewy finish i can just put a bit of Stay Matte by Rimmel on and it turns matte. Overall I actually thoroughly enjoy this BB Cream and find it super moisturising and perfect for winter as my skin has a tendency to feel dry and tight in winter. I definitely recommend picking one of these up if you're in Australia or New Zealand, they are available online, and in Target or Myers for approximately $22.95AUD.

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