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Lip Product Addict Tag

Hey Beauties,

Todays post wasn't a planned one until my gal beautybybek tagged me to do the Lip Product Addict Tag. I actually had never heard of it until Bek tagged me in it. If you follow my blog or instagram you will know that I'm a makeup hoarder in general, i don't discriminate against any beauty products that i hoard, but i do have a special spot for primers, lipsticks and blushes. Im a huge fan of pink lipsticks as well as nudes and corals and i also love the occasional lilac lip once in awhile. 
Continue reading if you want to know my answers to the Lip Product Tag and i hope you enjoy.

1. Favourite Lip Balm/Treatment

I honestly always have lip balm on me, like i don't actually think youll ever see me without a lip balm in my bag, its pretty much and essential part of living for me. My lips have the tendency to get quite dry quite quickly so I'm always applying lip balm to prevent that because nothing annoys me more than chapped lips. Chapsticks Night time Repair is a night favourite of mine, i lather it on before i go to sleep and wake up with baby soft lips. Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Butter is my absolute favourite lip balm ever (apart from Lucas PawPaw) it smells divine and it stays on my lips for hours on end, it also keeps my lips super hydrated. Another one of my must haves is Lucas PawPaw Ointment which isn't pictured because I've just run out of it, but its so handy to always have.

2. Best Eye Catching Red
I am as much as a sucker for red lips as the next girl, i just think they're so classical and go with almost anything. My favourite eye catching red is MAC Red because its a beautiful classical red thats got just the right amount of depth in it and it lasts all day. My opinion is red lips and stripes never go a stray.

3. Favourite Luxury/Drugstore Lipstick
So i don't own a lot of 'luxury' products unless you count MAC, Benefit and other higher end brands 'luxury' so my favourite luxury lipstick is the Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess Lipstick in 'Hess'. This colour is the perfect nude colour with a bit shimmer, i actually wore it to my year 12 ball and i kind of forgot about it for awhile then rediscovered it this year and haven't let it go since. My favourite drugstore lipstick would have to be Sportsgirl Pout About It Lipstick in 'Beauty Queen'. This colour is the perfect pale pink and goes with literally everything and suits just about everyone. Although it isn't 'drugstore' its still drugstore price and quality is on point.

4. Favourite MAC Lipstick

So until this year i owned one MAC lipstick as i never really set foot in a MAC store for about a year and a bit after a bad experience at one of their counters. Needless to say I'm so glad i brought Saint Germain as it is the perfect barbie pink and i love that its not matte because I'm kind of over matte lipsticks to be honest. This pink is nothing like any pink lipstick I've ever purchased and thats precisely why i love it, it makes you stand out.

5. Most Disappointing Lipstick:

The Nyx Soft Matte Lipstick in Tokyo Tokyo is without doubt the most disappointing lipstick that i own. I expected so much especially after using Australis Velour Lips which have amazing staying power, this Nyx Matte Lipstick is nothing like them. I love the colour but the staying power is horrendous and i found that it cracked on my lips after only a short amount of time. So many people love these lipsticks but I'm definitely not one of them.

6. Lip Liner - Yay/Nay?

So i don't own any lipliners (gasps) I'm not entirely sure why but i just don't feel the need to own any. The closest to lipliners that i own are the Sportsgirl Pucker Up Lip pencils, although i don't actually use them as lip pencils i use them as lipsticks, but when I'm feeling a little wild ill do a bit of a darker pink lip liner then a soft pink on my lips.

7. Best Gloss

This little Benefit Hoola Lip Gloss is the most used lipgloss i own. It smells divine and has the tiniest hint of shimmer in it. Im not a big wearer of lipgloss because i hate when my hair gets caught in my lipgloss which is often i must say considering i have long hair. But when i do i always seem to grab this little guy, it actually is perfect over a nude lipstick as its quite sheer but has a tan tinge to it. Perfect for a summer touch up as well.

8. Something Extra

I couldn't not do this post without mentioning the Australis Velour Lips which are matte lipsticks that are purely amazing. When they first came out i saw 'Mal-I-Bo' which is the hot pink and i fell in love, sadly i didn't have any money to buy it at the time but i vowed to go back the week later and buy it, needless to say i didn't need to go and buy it as my best friend brought it for me for my birthday before i could go buy it. Its my favourite lipstick ever as it stays on forever and doesn't dry my lips, as for the purple which is 'Tok-i-o' it is such a beautiful rich purple that for some reason makes me feel like a teenage witch even though I'm not a teenager (I've clearly been watching too much Sabrina the Teenage Witch). I do believe though that not all the colours of this range are available anymore which sucks but definitely go and grab one if you can.

So that is my Lip Product Tag, I'm actually not going to tag anyone specially but instead I'm tagging all you beauty bloggers and beauty lovers who are reading it now. If you decide to do the tag leave a comment below so i can read it.
I hope you enjoyed this post,

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  1. Savvy matte lip creams are less drying and have better staying power and colours in my opinion but I always wanna buy those damn velourlips anyway!